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Neutropenia Questions

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Neupogen - 12mth old on shots for Autoimmune neutropenia. Taking shots every other day now Absolute?

Posted 28 Apr 2017 by dewey01 0 answers

... counts have shot up to 12,000 from 1,200 lastweek? Dr. says stop shots repeat labs in a week. What could this mean? Baby is active and normal.

Should I take 50mg Flecainide (for AF) every other day?

Posted 27 Jan 2016 by Alexandra W 0 answers

I have not had a single episode of AF since I started taking 50mg Flecainide x 2 daily in October 2012. Now my blood tests show borderlline neutropenia (low white blood cell (WBC) count) and I see this is a known possible side effect of Flecainide. I tried twice stopping Flec. but each time my HR ...

How to treat low WBC following Rituxan for Follicular Lymphoma?

Posted 19 Sep 2015 by Peter Jeffrey Wright 0 answers

3 months following successful Rituxan Bendamustine treatment for Follicular Lymohoma low WBC with Leukopenia(L) and Neutropenia(N) persist. Neupogen helped to raise WBC temporarily and ward off Bronchitis but low WBC and (N) and (L) have returned on the eve of commencing Rituxan Maintenance. HOW DO ...

Rituxan - Has anyone else had Late Onset Neutropenia on ritoxan ? This occurred during ritoxan?

Posted 15 Nov 2012 by jlynnrubin 2 answers

... maintenance therapy for follicular lymphoma. It has gone on 14 weeks since last ritoxan treatment with severe neutropenia, responsive only temporarily to neupogen or neulasta. Any suggestions?

Is there any known or suspected association between BFZ and MGUS?

Posted 25 Jul 2010 by gilliey123 1 answer

A 70 year old man has been taking Bendroflumethiazide for hypertension for many years. A recent routine blood test revealed a moderate neutropenia, thrombocytopenia and raised alkaline phosphatase level. Subsequent investigation has shown a monoclonal gammopathy with no evidence of myeloma or other ...

Neutropenia Associated with Chemotherapy - I am a breast cancer patient and am doing chemo to shrink

Posted 25 Sep 2009 1 answer

... the tumor so they can operate. I am also a migraine sufferer. I take Imitrex for them but can't take it every day. I was given a shot of Neulasta a week ago and have had 4 migraines this week and I can hear a whoosing sound (Like blood pumping). Does anyone know if there is something I can ...

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