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Why would Omnaris be better than Nasonex & can I use these drugs for more than 30 days in a row?

Posted 25 Sep 2011 by Patsygwen 1 answer

I was prescribed nasonex and used it for 10 days for a sinus infection. Now they believe it may be allergies and prescribed omnaris. My pharmacist couldn't explain why omnaris would be better than nasonex. As well should you use these drugs for 30 days in a row?

Hay Fever - Which is better zetonna or nasonex?

Posted 18 May 2013 by dinadonna63 1 answer

My Ent doctor after examining my sinus's said there were no polyps and I had a choice of trying zetonna or nasonex. I have previously been on Veramyst. I am just getting over a bout of bronchitis and I have bronchial asthma now I feel contributed too by allergies.

What causes constant clear nasal drip?

Posted 26 Mar 2013 by nasaldrip 1 answer

My husband is using Nasonex and it is not working. It has been 3 weeks of daily use. He has a constant clear nasal drip.

Can Nasonex have a side effect of facial tingling?

Posted 24 Jun 2013 by busyquilter 1 answer

I have hay fever and last year it was worse so I started using Nasonex everyday. I am having facial tingling, not numbness, on both sides of my face up to my eyes. It started on the left side and now it is on both sides. I am also taking allergy shots once a week but the tingling started last year ...

Is nasonex an over the counter spray?

Posted 5 Aug 2011 by hosehead 1 answer

Is there any known association with nasonex and problems getting or staying asleep?

Posted 18 Mar 2013 by Ben in Oakland 2 answers

Since I started using it, both seem to be somewhat problematic. There may be other sources. I tried fluticasone, but it made e very jittery and I had to stop it. I'm wondering if I am having the same, though lesser effect.

I am on Nasonex, my skin opened its pores a sprayed dead cells out is this ment to happen?

Posted 31 Jan 2013 by zoey77 2 answers

I started with rinotitious coming up 4 months and the doctor gave Nasonex, he said that i spray twice up each nostrol in a morning, i have been doing and on the third day my skin around my forhead, cheeks and nose started burning i also started with a headache my skin opened its pores when i put my ...

Nasonex - where to buy?

Posted 13 Oct 2012 by josiejonea 1 answer

Does nasonex have any affect on the bowels?

Posted 20 Jul 2012 by Leititia86 1 answer

My 7 year old son is using nasonex and since starting it has started having bowel movements while asleep, then wakes up and tried to clean it up.

Nasonex - Is Nazonex associated with hypoglycaemia in susceptible patients?

Posted 15 Apr 2012 by Banksia 1 answer

This drug is slowly helping my dust mite allergy symptoms but I have begun experiencing morning "hypos" again, after years of being under reasonable control.

I used Nasonex for 3 months, stopped because my ENT said my sinuses were fine and there was no?

Posted 7 Oct 2011 by Chloe_g 3 answers

... point. Now a month later I have agonising joint pain in my hips and my foot, can hardly walk. Is this connected to stopping Nasonex?

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