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Terbinafine - How long is it before people usually see significant reduction in nail discoloration?

Posted 24 Nov 2016 by OR1983 0 answers

Due to onchomycosis, I have some moderate discoloration on about 50% of one toenail and just a little bit on the other big toe. I am wondering how quickly this usually goes away after starting Terbinafine. Is the medium-brown color (it looks a little bit like dried blood) likely to take several ...

Clindamycin or cephalexin for skin infection around my nails?

Posted 1 Dec 2016 by Terrencejohnson 0 answers

My big toes and my thumbs have severe ingrown nails (in the past month, all at once). There are many many hard brown bumps that I can pull out and they have a sliver of a long white nail on them. They go all around my big toe and my thumbs. My thumbs are so swollen, they ache. They feel like they ...

Will Jublia work on a thumbnail?

Posted 29 Nov 2016 by Laplagens 0 answers

Somehow I ended up with an ingrown nail on my thumb. It is discolored and very, very painful. Will using Jublia help? I really don't want to have the nail pulled, but I am so done with the pain.

Penicillin allergy and sex?

Posted 7 Nov 2016 by therocknrollauk 1 answer

Hello my wife is taking a penicillin based drug for infection In foot "STOOD ON A NAIL OUCH " . I'm allergic to penicillin I had a mild reaction when i was much younger so doctors though best keep me off the antibiotic anyway i would like to know if it can be transferred by sexual ...

Lamisil - my doctor said I should take 2 pills a day for a week then nothing for the next three..?

Posted 13 Oct 2016 by shineberry 0 answers

... then 2 pills a day for a week ... is that right ? can i take them that way ? ( i've been seeing where people take 1 a day everyday ) i have Fingernail fungus on three finger nails and it is spreading to another finger.. My doctor prescribed me jubilia at first but it was not helping, so ...

Paronychia - what if I thought it was a ingrown nail and tried to cut it out and popped the blister?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by dirtydan 0 answers

really sore were the blister was. hurt really bad when I popped the blister

Toe nail removed why is the still looking sore and is very painful?

Posted 21 Oct 2016 by Btowe 0 answers

Had nail removed on 20th of September right foot healing up nicely my left big toe still got yellow stuff on wound and leaking a lot and very painful to walk.

On a tube of Lamisil cream, it says "Do not use on nails or scalp" Please explain?

Posted 9 Sep 2016 by Cossonay 0 answers

Lamisil cream (over the counter) was recommended by my pharmacist to treat toenail fungus. The text on the tube says "Do not use on nails or scalp" Please explain why and if there are adverse effects from its use in this way.

I've been using Jublia just over a month. Today there was a big chuck of something that loosed and I

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by KayC261 0 answers

... removed from under nail. What could it be? I always have removed any built up creams etc from under nail. And does this mean the topical is working?

It is not enough room for my pinky toenail to grow normally, so it grows in a upwards direction, so?

Posted 23 Aug 2016 by KalaKutta 0 answers

it is not enough room for my pinky toenail to grow normally, so it grows in a upwards direction, so it almost looks like its no nail there, what should i do?

Toenails so ingrown when taken out nails became so soft they fell off. Will nails grow back?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by Camry06 0 answers

My toes ingrown so badly that they get so much pressure underneath them the nails basically pop out. Now my big toes are becoming really soft and are breaking off. Will they grow back?

Jublia - Itching, blisters and redness of the surrounding skin and oozing from under the toenail?

Posted 29 Jun 2016 by lolacat3 0 answers

Been applying religiously for 3 months every evening to clean, dry, filed and clipped nail. Woke this morning to itchy, red and blistered skin around the nail and a clear, pinkish liquid oozing from under the toenail. What's happening and how do I treat this new condition?

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