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Muscle Spasm Questions

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Which is stronger 10mg Cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride or 4mg Tizanidine?

Posted 11 Mar 2010 by eb060348 5 answers

I fractured 7 vertebrate recently, then a few days ago, I sprained my ankle. I am on pain meds as well as 4 mg Tizanidine 4x/day. When I first fractured my vertebrate a few months ago they gave me flexoril (10mg's). I am not completely sure if I notice a difference between the two (been on ...

Nerve damage causing muscle to spasm and cramp. the pain is unbearable!

Posted 16 Apr 2012 by 17 answers

What does anyone reccomend for muscle pains in my legs, back, pretty much all over the body. Muscle spasms are the best I can to describe the problem. Nerve damage is causing the muscles to cramp. Besides muscle therapy I need something else to decrease my pain. I've got heated padding, ...

Can you take (2) 750mg methocarbamol at the same time?

Posted 30 Jul 2013 by Jeff Owens 2 answers

My girlfriend is suffering from severe back spasms. Her doctor prescribe methocarbamol 750Mg (7/30/13) it says on the bottle take 1 tablet 3x a day but one is not helping her at all plz help me help her

How long does it take for cyclobenzaprine to take affect and stop the spasms?

Posted 12 Jan 2013 by churchlady 1 answer

My husband has taken two doses and the muscle spasms and pain in his neck is no better. Advil seems to help more that the muscle relaxer in relieving the pain.

Which is stronger? Flexeril or Soma?

Posted 3 Jul 2010 by bobareno 3 answers

10mg flexeril

Gabapentin - Good or bad for muscle spasms?

Posted 31 Oct 2011 by tlcandmore 11 answers

I saw my primary doc today and asked if he would put me back on Soma since the pain mgmt clinic took all patients of this med. He suggested that I try Gabapentin. I told him I would give it a try. Has anyone had any luck with this helping for debilitating muscle spasms? The good news is he said if ...

Need a substitute for Carisoprodol?

Posted 1 Dec 2011 by speedbird1 8 answers

I have been using the generic (Carisoprodol) of Soma for quite a while for painful muscle spasms. Suddenly, Carisoprodol has been removed from the 2011 formulary list from my drug plan. The cost of Carisoprodol is several hundred dollars a month. Is there an alternative medication? I suffer from ...

Whenever doctors prescribe myospaz for spasms etc. why do they invariably also prescribe omeprazole?

Posted 5 Nov 2014 by aksingh 1 answer

have noticed that whenever doctor prescribe myospaz (chlorzoxazone), he also prescribes omeprazole or another similar drug esomeprazole. ? the latter two are for different conditions like acid reflux etc.

I take tramadol for muscle spasms,can I take flexeril with it?

Posted 12 Jul 2012 by 3fan4life 3 answers

I can't take any pain medications that are controlled substances, as I am easily addicted to them. I deal with migraines and chronic pain.

Can I take guaifenesin for a non-productive cough that causes spasms?

Posted 21 Jun 2013 by sick2013 8 answers

for chronic bronchitis? a hard, painful cough that causes muscle pains, ear pain, headaches. feels like evrything is insid emy stomach but must be bottom of lungs. Just want to move th emucus out

Soma - Will Tramadol relieve a moderately severe muscle spasm/pinched nerve?

Posted 24 Feb 2012 by anwhite 5 answers

On going for over a week, got better but now it is back. Starting at the bace of the scull going along the spine to right above the bra line and out through the sholder and down the arm. Below the elbow and through the hand is ocnly numb with tingling in outside part of hand/ring & pinky ...

What is the difference between carisoprodol and cyclobenzaprine hydrochloride?

Posted 4 Nov 2010 by A69 1 answer

Or the difference between soma and flexeril?

Which medication is best for treating severe muscle spasms?

Posted 11 Jan 2011 by dank-inKS 5 answers

muscle spasms are daily, roughly 20 times or more and usually involve contorting legs, feet, arms, face and hands. My neck twists so bad it feels like it could break. I guess my whole body is affected, they last about 10-30 seconds and sometimes bring me to the ground, I literally have to spasm on ...

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