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I'm still bleeding a little over a week later after "skipping" my period on Mononessa?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by tnicoleeeee 0 answers

A little over a week ago I tried to skip my period on the multiphasic pill, Mononessa, I bled all through out the week, not heavily basically spotting. But here I am like a week and a day or two later and I'm still "spotting" I don't know why? Any help?

Can I be pregnant on the pill? Condom slip?

Posted 10 Sep 2016 by rramos47 1 answer

I've been on the BC Mononessa for 4 months now without problems, I am on the 5th day of my 4th pack and my boyfriend and I had sex with a condom but it slipped off and when we got it out of me, it was almost completely empty of any semen. I've not missed in the past 4 months, i have been ...

Mononessa - Why am I not having normal periods?

Posted 2 Oct 2016 by iamcurious1 0 answers

I switch to mononessa the day I was supposed to get the next shot. First pack light bleeding on the 3rd day of the last week, lasted a day into the new pack. The second month it's started the 5th day of the last week, lasted 4 days into the new pack. Currently on the 3rd month and days six of ...

How long does it take to get pregnant after you stop taking mononessa birth control pills? I have?

Posted 19 Aug 2016 by stephanieshifflett09 0 answers

... been on them for about ten years now

I've been takeing Mononessa pull for almost 3 years. My period is not due for another week and half?

Posted 9 Sep 2016 by KellyN O 1 answer

... but I've been spotting for 2 weeks. Why is this happening?

Does it matter what time of day you take the pill on the first day of your period?

Posted 11 Sep 2016 by Breannafoo 0 answers

I took my first Mononessa pill today and a few hours ago went to the bathroom and had some discharge similar to a period. So does this qualify as starting it on the first day of my period? Can I have unprotected sex?

Mononessa - I just stopped taking monessa birth control 4 days ago I want to try for baby number 2?

Posted 27 Jul 2016 by littlek87 1 answer

... can anyone share their experience with getting pregnant after monessa birth control how long it took and any side effects after stopping

Mononessa - weird experience?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by Cierrachristian 1 answer

I used to be on trisprintec about 2 years ago but stopped when i got pregnant. I lost baby at 9 weeks about a year ago. I just started this pill this year after having no period for 4 months. With my first pack of Mononessa I had no side effects at all. I missed a couple of active pills (not back ...

Mononessa - Why is I'm bleeding heavily?

Posted 25 Aug 2016 by Jasminefreeman3 0 answers

How effective is doubling up on pills?

Posted 16 Jul 2013 by kh925 1 answer

I missed my pill for the beginning of week 3 (Sunday) and didn't realize it until the next day (Monday) at the time I normally take it. So I doubled up. Later on that night my husband and I had sex and he didn't use protection. It was about 8 hours after I had doubled up. So was I ...

Okay the birth control I take is mononessa and I forgot to take my last period pill for that pack?

Posted 25 Jul 2016 by Tupac_hitta 0 answers

What do I and I forgot to take one of my blue active pills what do I do just take the two different ones still

I've been on Mononessa for 7 or 8 months. I've taken them how directed until I went on vacation &?

Posted 22 Jul 2016 by anicole95 0 answers

... ran out. I missed 4 or 5 days. had sex once but he pulled out, & I'm getting worried because I haven't started yet although there's still a week left of this month. help

Is it normal to have heavy bleeding with clots while body is adjusting to Mononessa?

Posted 10 Jul 2016 by Koreeves 0 answers

im on my first pack of Mononessa. I switched to the pill from Depoprovera which I had no problems with. This week I was taking the placebo pills and on the four days of the placebo pills I started my period. My periods have come every 3 months since taking depo, but this time it came on the second ...

Hi, so I've been on Mononessa 28 for almost 10 years and recently I was on my second week?

Posted 20 Jul 2016 by Bekanina21 0 answers

... of taking the pills and I missed one so the next day I would take the missed one and the one for that day that happened twice that week. Then the start of the third week I missed Sunday through Tuesday and on Tuesday I started my period a week early. I've been a little stressed out the ...

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