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Microlite Questions

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I have been taking Microlite for 2 month now. Started with 1 day of my period and since that I've?

Posted 16 Mar 2018 by Anastasia_Sia 0 answers

... been taking pills religously. Never missed, didn't drink alcohol , didn't even have any food poisonings. Didn't take any medicines that interfere with microlite. I decided to check how they work with ovulation kits clear blue (violet - that can catch higher level of estrogen and ...

Stopped contraceptive pills am I pregnant?

Posted 1 May 2017 by Samegg1 1 answer

I had taken Microlite (contraceptive pill) for 6 days and had sex, after that I did not take my pill and a few days after got my period. Even though I got my period could I still get pregnant? It feels like a normal period with cramps.

Birth Control - Hi , I hope you can help , Im so worried?

Posted 23 Nov 2016 by abby21 0 answers

I have been taking birth control pills (microlite) back to back (i have?been on it for over a year now and never really experienced any side effects) , im on the second batch now (starting the third) and on saturday 19th i notices little brown discharge.. That got me a little worried and i since i ...

Brown discharge week before period on pill?

Posted 4 May 2016 by Maryobarry 1 answer

I've been on the Microlite birth control pill for four months. I take it at the same time everyday and I have never missed one. I was having intercourse with my boyfriend but stopped before he ejaculated. I notice immediately after we stopped that I had a brown discharge. This discharge was ...

How long does it take Microlite to become effective? I started taking this pill on 5th June when I?

Posted 11 Aug 2016 by Cailin96 0 answers

got my period. I was going on holidays so I decided to skip the 7 day break and continued onto a second packet. I took a 7 day break then when I returned home then started a new pack. I have now just finished that packet. I had sex 2 days ago, what is the risk of me becoming pregnant?

Need help condom broke while on the pill?

Posted 12 Jan 2016 by scared wit worry 0 answers

I had sex on day nine of my pill packet im on the loygon pill 5 months was on microlite before that i had a bit of an upset stomach just to be safe the doctor gave me ella one and told me to continue taken my pill the day after day 10 of my pill i start bleedin and on day 14 i had sex but the ...

Am I safe with Microlite having sex while on the pill for around 18 days?

Posted 25 Jul 2015 by Mic218 1 answer

I have been prescribed microlite as a contraceptive pill. I haven't taken it yet I am due my period around the 4th of August (in 10 days) and I start my pill then. I know I have to wait 7 days before I'm protected. I'm going away with my boyfriend on the 21st of August and I was ...

Wrong brand pill taken?

Posted 15 Jun 2015 by Amberleaf9 1 answer

Hi guys, I'm on the pill microlite, last Wednesday I had two pills left to take, on the Thursday I forgot my pills and was away from home, so to avoid missing a pill completely I took one of my friends Thursday pills, but she is on dianette which is a stronger dose than my pill. I had sex that ...

Brown discharge following period while on pill?

Posted 28 Feb 2015 by punkygirlxox 1 answer

im having dark brown discharge over four days after my period ended, I started taking the contraceptive pill 'Microlite' on the day my period started which was the 19th of feb and the period ended on the 24th, since then ive been having dark brown discharge which is quite light constantly ...

I missed 2 pills of the last week?

Posted 13 May 2013 by MangakaPoof 1 answer

I take the microlite pill, but I missed the very last 2 pills because of food poisoning. That was on Saturday and Sunday last week, after that, my inactive week started, I had my period as usual etc. I started taking a new pack today, but I got curious, am I protected? Only today I read on the ...

Stupidly thinking I'm pregnant?

Posted 30 Aug 2013 by Americangirl91 2 answers

I'm with my boyfriend for 2 years and have been on the pill microlite for the last 6 months! I always use a condom and haven't missed a pill because have an alarm on my phone every morning to take it. This month my period was lighter and didn't last as long also for the last week my ...

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