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Microgynon Questions


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Why is the contraceptive pill causing me to bleed?

Posted 1 day 7 hours ago by olivia1999 0 answers

I have been taking the contraceptive pill microgynon for just over a week and a half now. I was well informed by my local GP and was told to begin taking the pill when my next period started which of course I did. However, since I began taking it I have had non stop bleeding for 11 days now. I ...

How to start birth control pills?

Posted 7 Jul 2017 0 answers

Hi everyone! I would like to start using contraceptive pills as a mean of birth control. I bought Microgynon CD with 28 day pills in it. The pack has 7 white pills at the top ( with red day markings at the back that says "start on this week marked in red" and 21 mini beige pills for 3 ...

Can I start taking the pill after taking Levonelle?

Posted 30 May 2017 by Paula37 0 answers

I took Levonelle this morning and want to get myself protected as soon as possible. Can i start taking the pill today (still have Microgynon from when i was taking it a few months back) and if so how long will it take for me to be protected?

Could I get pregnant?

Posted 23 May 2017 by Nduff8 0 answers

Hi, I started taking microgynon to see if it cleared my skin up. We usually use condoms but didn't use one on day 4 of me starting the pill. I started on last(5th) day of my period when I just had spotting. My period is regular around 25/26 days, I think. I took the pills properly at same time ...

Pregabalin/Microgynon30/vitaminD deficiency?

Posted 9 Apr 2017 by Amina00 1 answer

After blood tests my vitamin D was extremely low, they prescribed vitamin D and Pregabalin 75mg 3 times daily for my joints pain, on top they prescribed Microgynon 30 for the last 5 months. Could someone explain why I must take Microgynon as well please?

Period only lasted 2 days and I'm worrying about why?

Posted 24 Oct 2016 by xxerinxxx 1 answer

Hi, I'm on the Microgynon 30 pill and my period usually lasts 4/5 days, I know when on the pill periods can differ but I got mine on Saturday evening and it's now Monday morning and it's basically gone bar the smallest bit. That's only 2 days (not even full days!) I have been ...

Ok I am new to taking contraceptives and I started a few months after having my baby?

Posted 7 Dec 2016 by Jodyhype 0 answers

Am taking the 28 days pill, microgynon ED, fe. My period was the 2 to the 7 of November and i started talking the pills 5 days after, that would be the Saturday and today is the 7 of December and am down to 3 reminding pills and my period showed up this morning. Why is this? Please help me

MICROGYNON HELP!! Don't know when to start my next strip!!?

Posted 26 Sep 2016 by Eliserayner1 0 answers

basically I'm on the pill and I take it for 21 days then have a 7 day break... I always finish my last pill on a Monday so that the following week I take my first on a Tuesday... however I took my lay pill yesterday (Sunday) and my Monday pill is gone?? But I don't remember taking it? ...

2 long periods whilst on Microgynon 30?

Posted 24 Aug 2016 by poppy_kate 0 answers

I am currently on Microgynon 30 and have been on it for about 2 years. I haven't taken the 7 day break for about four months (holidays etc.) but in that time I had a period last month and it lasted for about nine days. Now, a month later I am having another period and it is on it's ...

What can happen if I take an expired microgynon pill??

Posted 6 Jul 2016 by Foreverlost 1 answer

I've just switched from depo to the pill... after I took it I was reading the leaflet and checked the expiry date only to find out that it's a month past expiry date... what should I do?? What can I expect to happen to me ??

Contraception - I was taking Yasmin for a couple of days however I have now changed to microgynon as

Posted 11 Jul 2016 by Hoola123 0 answers

... Yasmin gave me bad side effects. I didn't finish the Yasmin pack, so do I start microgynon today finish the 21 days then have a new starting day off the pill than before? I'm confused

I missed three days on microgynon 30 combined pills so I took those 3 along with todays pill when?

Posted 22 Mar 2016 by decia 0 answers

When I woke I had my period and I wasn't feeling well and almost fainted... what should I do?

Have I missed a contraceptive pill?

Posted 19 Feb 2016 by Minniemouse123 0 answers

I have never seen an answer for a question like this so I would really really appreciate your help. If for example I normally take my microgynon 30 pill at 9:30 pm every night... And I miss a pill one night but take it around 9:20 pm the following night, just before my next pill, have I completely ...

Microgynon and amoxicillin?

Posted 3 Jan 2016 by LHarvey27 0 answers

I started taking amoxicillin for 7 days on Friday 18th Dec . I finished my antibiotics on 24th Dec. I took the last contraceptive pill in the pack on Saturday 19th Dec and had my 7 day break. Started taking the next pack on the Sunday 27th Dec and had uprotected sex Saturday night/Sunday morning ...

I didnot get a new packet of microgynon but rather took the two remaining pills of the last packe?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 by Candis Evans 1 answer

I had my period towards the end of last month and after my period i have sexual intercourse but hadnot gotten a new packet of pills.The first day i had sex i took one of the remaining pills from my old packet and the second day i took another.I skipped four days without unprotected sex and got a ...

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