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When will muscle pain go away after stopping 6MP?

Posted 6 Apr 2016 by maa15 2 answers

I have Crohn's disease and started taking 50mg/day of 6MP to help get off prednisone. I took 6MP for only 2 weeks. Stopped 2 days ago. It made me very nauseous. For a few days I threw up hours after taking it. I started experiencing muscle fatigue and pain three day after taking my first dose. ...

I have been on 5 mgs prednisone daily since sep2012 and will start weaning off sep2013?

Posted 8 May 2013 by Mbsunny54 2 answers

Does anyone have any idea how long this taper will be since I have been on pred for so long? I have AIH and as I start my pred decrease my 6mp (mercaptopurine) will be increased to 75mgs daily. Thanks in advance!!!

I have been on Humera for Crohn's disease 1 year now. I just suddely broke out with Shingles?

Posted 11 Mar 2013 by 88fingers54 1 answer

probably due to my compromised immune system. Is there an alternative treatment for Crohn's. I am already taking mercaptopurine and entocort. Should I also anticipate future shingles outbreaks because of my Crohn's disease?

Mercaptopurine - has anyone tried for auto immune hepatitis, how did you find it, side effects etc?

Posted 3 Sep 2012 by Mbsunny54 3 answers

Hi to all. I have Auto Immune Hepatitis. Diagnosed Feb2012. On pred down to 5mgs daily thank goodness. Tried Imuran in April. Could not tolerate it. Just started 6mp(mercaptopurine) 25mgs daily for two weeks to see if I can tolerate. On day 5. Doing weekly bloodwork to check liver enzymes. If no ...

Have AIH diagnosed Feb2012. Currently on 5mg prednisone daily along with 50mgs mercaptopurine daily?

Posted 7 Mar 2013 by Mbsunny54 1 answer

All labs have been consistently good. Just had my checkup with Hep Dr. I will start a pred taper in the fall at that time 6mp will be raised. Anyone out there undergoing this treatment??? Concerned about long term side effects of 6mp...

Trying to decide if I should take Mercaptopurine. and Remicaid?

Posted 30 Jun 2012 by jamison1 1 answer

I just started seeing a new doctor for my Crohn's Disease and he wants me to start taking mercaptopurine as well as Remicaid. I have read about the medicines and don't know if I should take both. I do have anal fistulas that the remicaid is prescribed for so I know I will start that but ...

Patient with acute lymphocytic leukemia maintance phase on methotrexate his dose 4mg once per week?

Posted 20 Jun 2012 by F620012 1 answer

i ask this dose not alarg dose for him he is 19 year old his surface area 2 he is on methtrexate 20gm/S.A,6 mercaptopurine 75mg/S.A,his last RFT,LFT normal ,CBC no myleosupression .please kindely i aske about this dose of methotrexate is save for him

Crohn's Disease - my son is taking Mercaptopurine, does this cause sterility in men longterm?

Posted 26 Sep 2011 by chrissy46 1 answer

My son is 14 years old and has had crohns for 2 years. He is on a number of meds including mercaptopurine. I have researched this drug and found that it causes sterility in men. Does anyone know what these drugs do to someone long term? I'm a worried mom. Thanks for your help

Is there any relationship between mercaptopurine and Pentasa used concurrently for over 10 years to?

Posted 13 Dec 2011 by nryng 1 answer

... treat Crohn's disease and the development of a painful bilateral lower limb peripheral neuropathy?

Has anyone used Asacol and Mercaptopurine for moderate to severe colitis? What results?

Posted 13 May 2010 by Tammy Morgan 2 answers

I have been on Asacol since Jan 09. In May while 5 mos pregnant I became very anemic and had a blood transfusion and put on Prednisone. Since thenmy doctor has tried weining me off the Prednisone, however they symptoms flare every time i get down to 20 mg. I am going to start Mercaptopurine ...

Has anyone had problems with headache taking mercaptopurine?

Posted 7 Dec 2009 by TerryF 2 answers

I took for 14 days. Headache developed day 3. Day 12 I reduced dose to 50 mg from 100. I stopped taking day 14. Day 15 I still have slight headache. I am hoping by tomorrow it will be gone. Dr.'s nurse is puzzled - headache is not listed side effect. Wondering if there is anyone else who ...

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