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Taking bupropion and xarelto?

Posted 15 May 2013 by Cherbot22 1 answer

Is there any natural supplements I can take along with these two medications? Like Icool(for menopausal hot flashes and excessive sweating... because I take xarelto(a blood thinner (I have had blood clots) I can't take any kinds of hormones...

Could my hives be related to my hypothyroid and/or HRT?

Posted 1 Apr 2013 by ryoungert 5 answers

I take levothyroxine for hypothyroid. I'm also taking estrogen and progesterone for symptoms of menopause. I have been experiencing fairly severe and unexplained hives for approx. 4 mos. Could this combo of medications be why?

Why would Axiron be prohibited for post menopausal woman?

Posted 30 Jul 2013 by iceandberg 2 answers

Two questions. Why would Axiron be bad for a post menopausal women (no history of breast cancer; lagging libido)? What specifically is harmful - if anything - about application of Axiron on a man's (or woman's) genitals?

Is anyone else over 50 years old and still using the Ortho Evra patch? I'm 53 and still having?

Posted 5 Oct 2013 by sandiegogal 1 answer

... periods. I've been on the patch for 10 years or more. Could being on the patch keep me from entering menopause?

I have been on Cymbalta 60 mg po qd for approximately six years for depression and anxiety?

Posted 28 Mar 2013 by Sydney1959 4 answers

Recently I have been feeling more anxiety, anxiousness, irritability more than likely due to menopause as I am 53 . Also, noticing panic attacks are coming back. My Dr. is having me d/c Cymbalta as of tomorrow and start Paxil 20mg po qd. How is this change to help me?

Is anyone dealing with depression due to menopause?

Posted 24 Sep 2013 by howmuchlonger 4 answers

Dealing with the problems of menopause. Depression hit me hard. Anyone else experience this?

I've been on Nora be for a month have experienced increased spotting & bleeding?

Posted 13 Jul 2013 by Middle age 1 answer

Will this eventually subside? The reason my doctor put me on this med is because of my HBP and extreme peri menopausal periods.

Estradiol - Has anyone used minivelle?

Posted 11 Jul 2013 by wenfri67 1 answer

My doctor just prescribed it for my menopause.

I am am taking 2mg estradiol for menopause symptoms. I have my uterus and ovaries. Is it common to?

Posted 4 May 2013 by terri147 2 answers

... take estradiol alone or is it usually taken with progesterone? I have always understood HRT to be both estrogen and progesterone. I am seeing a new Dr. and am not comfortable with him. He doesn't like questions. Also has anyone gained weight after starting estradiol?

Menopausal Disorders - Hi, I'm getting a full hysterectomy and I'm hoping some of you can tell e?

Posted 16 Aug 2013 by Diga01 1 answer

... what to expect as il be going into menopause, what is the operation like afterwards? What actually is the menopause experience like. I'm pretty scared about the whole experience I'm going to be going through. Am 37 years old

Calcium/Vitamin D - Does Cal/Vit D combo cause weight gain and lessen your libido?

Posted 2 Sep 2010 by Denni 2 answers

I have been taking calcium and vitamin D supplement for about nine months now. I am 45 years old, have started menopause and has gained 25 pounds in 5 months. I don't know if it's menopause causing the weight gain or if it's the vitamin supplement causing the weight gain. I work out ...

Menopausal Disorders - Going through alot this past year. depression, DV, PTSD?

Posted 31 Aug 2013 by tj_1159 2 answers

Question about menopause? My period stopped last Feb. 2013. ( 6 Months). Before it stopped I would skip months with no period. Some months I would have my period twice that month. Well today it started back up. I'm 53, Just wondering if it is cuz of my meds. I'm on now ? on meds for ...

Anxiety and Stress - is this caused by pre-menopause or menopause ?

Posted 3 Sep 2012 by SandraLHoutz 5 answers

This severe anxiety, mood swings, insomnia and the other host of crap I have been dealing with lately? And the docs just wanna dump me on an antidepressant ... I'm really not depressed but very very moody ... I had a partial hysterectomy 10 years ago ... I was 36 ... had to due to severe ...

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