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Making the Most of a Well-Woman Checkup

Posted 18 days ago by

WEDNESDAY, Jan. 2, 2019 – Don't wait until you get sick to see a doctor – wellness visits for women can catch problems before they become serious, as well as make sure you're taking all the right steps for good health. A well-woman checkup focuses on preventive care. It may include immunizations, screenings to check your blood pressure, cholesterol levels and other health markers, and advice ...

Incontinence Drug Oxybutynin May Cut Hot Flashes in Breast Cancer Survivors

Posted 7 Dec 2018 by

FRIDAY, Dec. 7, 2018 – Hot flashes, a common curse in menopause, can be especially bothersome after breast cancer. But a new study suggests an existing medication may help. The drug is oxybutynin (Ditropan XL), long used to treat urinary incontinence. The study found that women taking the medicine had an average of five fewer hot flashes a week, compared with three fewer among women taking a ...

An Abusive Partner May Worsen Menopause Symptoms

Posted 2 Dec 2018 by

FRIDAY, Nov. 30, 2018 – Emotional abuse may add to the woes of menopause, a new study suggests. Researchers found that women who are emotionally tormented by a spouse or partner may suffer from more night sweats, painful sex and hot flashes when their periods stop. "The data show that experience of domestic violence and emotional abuse, sexual assault and clinically significant PTSD ...

Healthy Lifestyle Makes for a Healthy Heart During Menopause

Posted 30 Nov 2018 by

FRIDAY, Nov. 30, 2018 – Women who live a healthy lifestyle during the transition to menopause may help keep their blood vessels healthy as they age, a new study suggests. Compared with women who had the least healthy lifestyle, those who led the healthiest lifestyle had less thickening and buildup of fatty plaque in their arteries, researchers found. "Midlife is a crucial window for women to ...

FDA Approves Bijuva (estradiol and progesterone) Capsules for the Treatment of Moderate to Severe Vasomotor Symptoms Due to Menopause

Posted 29 Oct 2018 by

BOCA RATON, Fla.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oct. 29, 2018-- TherapeuticsMD, Inc, an innovative women’s healthcare company, today announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Bijuva (estradiol and progesterone) capsules, 1 mg/100 mg, the first and only FDA-approved bio-identical* hormone therapy combination of estradiol and progesterone in a single, oral capsule for the t ...

Pregnancy Complications Tied to More Menopausal Hot Flashes

Posted 3 Oct 2018 by

WEDNESDAY, Oct. 3, 2018 – Tough pregnancies might translate into tough times during menopause, new research suggests. Women who developed complications during pregnancy – including dangerously high blood pressure ("preeclampsia") and gestational diabetes – were more likely to experience more hot flashes during menopause, the researchers found. "This study further underscores the importance of ...

Exercise Doesn't Affect Timing of Menopause, Study Finds

Posted 7 Sep 2018 by

FRIDAY, Sept. 7, 2018 – New research seems to settle the question of whether there's a link between how much a woman works out and her risk of early menopause. The conclusion? There is no link. Previous studies have produced conflicting results, with some suggesting that very active women may be at lower risk of menopause before the age of 45, while other research came to the opposite ...

Chemo for Lung Cancer May Trigger Early Menopause, Study Finds

Posted 4 Sep 2018 by

TUESDAY, Sept. 4, 2018 – Younger women who undergo chemotherapy for lung cancer are more likely to experience early menopause, researchers have found. The new study included 182 women who were an average age of 43 when they were diagnosed with lung cancer. Within a year, 64 percent of the 85 women who received systemic chemotherapy had entered menopause, compared with 15 percent of the 94 women ...

Health Tip: Manage Hot Flashes

Posted 30 Jul 2018 by

-- Hot flashes are a common symptom for menopausal women. The earlier in life hot flashes begin, the longer they may last, the U.S. National Institute on Aging says. The agency suggests how to manage hot flashes: Dress in layers, which can be removed when hot flashes begin. Carry a portable fan. Avoid alcohol, spicy foods and caffeine, which can worsen menopausal symptoms. If you smoke, quit. ...

Don't Believe the Hype on 'Vaginal Rejuvenation,' FDA Says

Posted 30 Jul 2018 by

MONDAY, July 30, 2018 – Despite their growing popularity, there's no evidence that so-called "vaginal rejuvenation" procedures are either safe or effective, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns. The procedures, which use lasers and other energy-based devices to remove or reshape vaginal tissue, claim to treat conditions and symptoms related to menopause, urinary incontinence or sexual ...

Why Alzheimer's May Be Tougher to Spot in Women

Posted 23 Jul 2018 by

MONDAY, July 23, 2018 – If your memory starts slipping, your gender may play a role in whether or not you are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, a new study suggests. How? Women excel in a skill called verbal memory – the ability to learn and remember verbal information such as stories or grocery lists. At the moment, tests to detect Alzheimer's disease rely heavily on measuring this skill, ...

Scientists Get Closer to Origins of Hot Flashes

Posted 10 Jul 2018 by

TUESDAY, July 10, 2018 – Researchers report that stimulating particular brain cells triggers hot flashes in mice – a discovery they hope will lead to better therapies for women going through menopause. Humans also have these brain cells, known as Kiss1 neurons, and the new study suggests they perform similar functions in humans, according to the University of Washington researchers. And the ...

TherapeuticsMD Announces FDA Approval of Imvexxy (estradiol vaginal inserts) for the Treatment of Dyspareunia Due to Menopause

Posted 31 May 2018 by

BOCA RATON, Fla., May 30, 2018 /PRNewswire/ – TherapeuticsMD, Inc. (NASDAQ: TXMD), an innovative women's healthcare company, today announced that the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved Imvexxy (estradiol vaginal inserts) for the treatment of moderate-to-severe dyspareunia (vaginal pain associated with sexual activity), a symptom of vulvar and vaginal atrophy (VVA), due ...

Wise Words on Women's Health

Posted 30 May 2018 by

TUESDAY, May 29, 2018 – May is Women's Health Month. With that in mind, doctors are offering suggestions for steps that women can take to reduce their risk of diseases and safeguard their health, both physical and mental. Dr. Blanca Sckell is medical director of the Ambulatory Care Center and internal medicine program at NewYork-Presbyterian Queens, in New York City. She offered the following ...

Add Heart Check to Annual Ob-Gyn Visit, Experts Say

Posted 10 May 2018 by

THURSDAY, May 10, 2018 – A "well" visit to her ob-gyn can benefit a woman's heart, two leading U.S. medical groups say. "As the leading health care providers for women, ob-gyns provide care that goes far beyond reproductive health and are in a unique position to screen, counsel and educate patients on heart health," said Dr. Haywood Brown, immediate past president of the American College of ...

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