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Melanoma Questions

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Has anyone used 35 percent food grade hydrogen peroxide to control cancer?

Posted 12 Apr 2010 by leane 6 answers

My father has melanoma that can't be found but that metasisised into 2 brain tumors. The medical community is only recommending chemotherapy but with a poor prognosis. We are looking desperately to go another way. Has anyone had good or bad results trying the 35% food grade peroxide in water?

Has anyone else developed cancer after being on restasis?

Posted 8 Jan 2015 by rooo 3 answers

I was very healthy, was put on restasis for dry eye. several months later 2 malignant melanomas, then blood cancer. research shows it is an immune suppressant and causes cancer, so there must be others out there with this experience. Thx

My husband is in stage 4 melanoma,brain you think temodar will help,2nd month treatment?

Posted 26 Sep 2011 by fishtank555 4 answers

it is in spine , brain, liver,lungs, spleen,both femurs,and bone marrow,adrenal gland,subcutaneous in abdomen, back, leg.Has had exactly 2 years. first tumor on head,calarks stage 4,sentinnel lymph node clean. Then tumors developed in neck,lymph nodes positive, 21 removed some negative, fully ...

What is the effect of Efudex on malignant melanoma?

Posted 14 Aug 2018 by tiptoes 2 answers

I had a red lump on my arm for several years which no one recognised as an amelanotic melanoma. My GP eventually gave me Efudex for it and was surprised when I returned after the required period and othing had changed. She told me she was sending me to a dermatologist which I thought meant ...

What is Braftovi used to treat?

Posted 23 Aug 2018 1 answerFAQ by

Can I stop taking Fluorouracil early?

Posted 28 Jan 2010 by RRTemp 1 answer

I was supposed to take Fluorouracil for 3 weeks, but after 2 the pain is unbearable and my skin is exposed in crusting over. If I stop taking it now, is there any other side effect other than it maybe be less effective than if I had taken it the full 3 weeks?

My husband has been on Hydrea for almost 10 years to treat Polycythemia Vera?

Posted 4 Apr 2014 by mln2603 3 answers

Just this week he was diagnosed with Melanoma. I was just reading the Hydrea is used to treat Melanoma, so how could he get it? Shouldn't the Hydrea have stopped it?

Dermatological Disorders - Having many skin cancers in the past including Melanoma,Squamous etc. 3?

Posted 13 Aug 2015 by Mary4114 1 answer

... months ago I tried fluorouracil 5% on neck,back of neck & both arms & hands I had such a large area to cover that I ran out of the cream in 6 days. Its now 3 months later, Fiery rash, bumps & unbearable itch. Dr. doesn't seem to help me. Says this should clear up. . .but it ...

What is Mektovi used to treat?

Posted 23 Aug 2018 1 answerFAQ by

I have a flat mole on my nose, it's really ugly, could it be removed by using tretinoin?

Posted 16 Aug 2012 by mohdzetawy 2 answers

The mole is as the level of the skin, and has a diameter of less than 1mm, it's dark brown. Can tretinoin be helpful as it promotes skin growth?

My 30 year old son completed the yervoy regime. A week or so later (and for the next 4-5 weeks)he?

Posted 8 Jan 2013 by mom3779 3 answers

... is experiencing a sort of restless legs syndrome. Extreme uncomfortableness when trying to sleep, sometimes radiating to his arms, with hot flashes. Has anyone else experienced this?

Has anyone has the following side effects from taking yervoy?

Posted 14 Feb 2016 by jodirr1 3 answers

My husband just finished his 3rd dose of yervoy. He had very little reaction to the first two doses. After the third dose he is unable to function. He has severe stomach discomfort, diarrhea, vomiting and can't sleep. He also isn't eating much. Tthese symptoms have been going on for ...

Will triamcinolone cream, help with the scars, welts and itching?

Posted 11 Nov 2009 by scarfaceIV 1 answer

All assoociated with my on going biopsys of moles due to my melanoma condition. I'am afraid to go out doors because the scars are so ugly :(

Melanoma - Metastatic - Vemurafenib side effects?

Posted 30 Jun 2012 by Coetzee1 1 answer

does anyone know which ointment my husband can use for the rash as well as?joint pains caused by vemurafenib (Zelboraf) which will not affect the treatment?

I am being offered yervoy for stage lv melanoma.l am worried about side effects?

Posted 14 Sep 2013 by allen clark 2 answers

It seems hard to find out the percentage of user's who have had reaction's.

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