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Mefloquine Questions

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Mefloquine - My uncle was in the service and had to take this drug when he went to Rwanda and...

Posted 9 Jun 2018 by kellyn70 0 answers

... Somalia and now he has memory issues. He is only in his mid fifties would the use of this drug be responsible for this? He can't remember a lot of his childhood and a lot of his life after taking this treatment.

Is it safe to take mefloquine and opioid medication simultaneously?

Posted 24 Oct 2017 by qwert12345 0 answers

My mother badly sprained her ankle but is also heading to Africa soon and must take Lariam. Is it safe to take Lariam (a malaria prevention medication; contains mefloquine) and opioid medications for the pain of her ankle? Or is a harmful interaction possible? I tried searching google but here is ...

New here and wanting to know if this site is active with member participation?

Posted 8 Sep 2016 by SecretlyHere 2 answers

I feel like I need someone to talk to about what I think is Mefloquine side effects. I'm active duty and am afraid to talk to anyone about this.

Mefloquine is making me depressed: how to switch to another medicine?

Posted 12 May 2016 by Abelbaisi 1 answer

I traveled to east Africa , start taking mefloquine two weeks ago , my third tablet is almost due , the problem that i started to have neuropsychiatric side effects and i cannot continue the same treatment , to what another medicine can i switch and how to do the switching to avoid any drug drug ...

Mefloquine - It has been over 13 years and the dizziness, and brain fog will not go away. Has anyone

Posted 15 Oct 2015 by inspiremebrother 1 answer

... experienced symptoms such as that and for so long? thank you

I took Mefloquine while in service and I now suffer with Autoimmune disorders?

Posted 24 Sep 2015 by Robert Koplien 1 answer

These disorders include Vitiligo and Hyperthyroidism . Could taking the anti-malarial cause these condtions . I have no family history of either ..Thanks for your time

How long does mefloquine stay in the system? Anything for adverse reactions?

Posted 22 Apr 2012 by Skyegirl 1 answer

My son began this for a trip to Indonesia and shouldn't have been prescribed it due to prior anxiety issues that he didn't think were severe enough to mention. He is having bad symptoms on it... will have to come home as it's that bad and may be home in time to not take the next dose ...

Mefloquine - How many years to recover from 1 lariam pill's adverse reaction?

Posted 10 Mar 2014 by UBM 2 answers

Severe reaction on Lariam after 1 pil, still the same after 6 months, unable to work, it put me in a total anxiety disorder.

Is mefloquine an effective medicine against the East Africa type of Malaria?

Posted 13 May 2014 by Nubbles 1 answer

I m traveling to Kenya. Is has been recommended to take a malaria medicine that is affect against Malaria in East Africa. Is Mefloquine effect against East African malaria?

Mefloquine adverse reaction?

Posted 3 Mar 2014 by UBM 1 answer

Took one Mefloquine pill 250mg for prevention, never went to malaria area became too ill of mefloquine started 48 hours after the pill. Still suffering severe reaction after 6 months, no improvement. Vertigo, anxiety, dizziness, hearing loss in a way, visual problems, depression, suicidal thoughts, ...

My daughter had a severe reaction to Mefloquine in Nov/Dec 2012 - she still has some of the side?

Posted 3 Aug 2013 by Dee88Mef 1 answer

... effects such as dizzyness and anxiety. Can anyone advice me how long it can take to recover completely please?

Can I take mefloquine daily?

Posted 13 Sep 2009 by faras 2 answers

I take mefloquine for four days befor traveling

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