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We found a scale in my son's backpack. Is he selling marijuana? He smokes weed?

Posted 26 Oct 2010 by Lorraineballard 2 answers

My husband found a scale in my son's backpack. We know he smokes marijuana. He told my husband he uses it to weigh the weed he buys to assure he is not getting ripped off. Is this common with users or should I suspect he is selling marijuana?

Will Dronabinol show up as marijuana on drug test?

Posted 27 Mar 2010 by edcamp 1 answer

What are the long term, irreversible affects of smoking marijuana for about two and a half years?

Posted 26 Mar 2011 by concerned420 2 answers

I am a college student. I started smoking about two and a half years ago. I have smoked to varying degrees through this duration. At times I have smoked multiple bowls per day for weeks at a time. At other times I had "quit" for a few weeks to a month at a time. Assuming I had been ...

How long does marijuana stay in your system?

Posted 24 Jun 2011 by staceyc64 2 answers

Does anyone know the impact of smoking Marijuana with Cymbalta?

Posted 10 Aug 2010 by hshugrue 1 answer

I have been taking Cymbalta for over a year and have had an increasing urge to smoke pot while on it. Has this happened to anyone else? I told my doctor and he stated the obvious - that I should stop smoking - that it was unhealthy,etc.. but I am still curious if there is some connection there. I ...

Marijuana - What types of chemicals do they use in climaxxx?

Posted 27 Jul 2011 by tapa 1 answer

Is this legal? And do they sell it in smoke shops?

Can lithium help people come off marijuana?

Posted 2 Jul 2011 by Samtra 1 answer

Could Lithium help chronic marijuana usiers quit? In a new trial in they are going to use Lithium, for a one week clinical trial, (live in, I think) to see if it can help chronic marijuana users ditch the drug. What sort of amounts would they be prescribing? Also do you think it would be worth ...

Depression - Advice for someone who's parent is a drug addict and a very bad parent?

Posted 19 Jul 2011 by CG14 1 answer

My mother has smoked Crack Cocaine for some years, still does pills, smokes marijuana. She has left me a drug houses when I was a baby, she has left me with my 80 year old grandmother who I believe has been brainwashed by my mother. She gets more then 3,000$ a month from my grandmother. She has ...

How long, if you are not a heavy user, does marijuana stay in your system for bloodwork etc?

Posted 17 Feb 2010 by anonymouse 1 answer

I have a friend who smokes now and then, and they will have to do bloodwork soon? He smoked some last week, and will have to have bloodwork done on 5/5/10. Please answer, thank you.

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