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How long does it take to start working?

Posted 16 Nov 2010 by Eleeb 4 answers

I finished my first day and haven't noticed any difference.

Has Lysteda been used for women with heavy bleeding due to uterine fibroids?

Posted 29 Aug 2010 by spunky2go 2 answers

I was diagnosed with a fibroid in 2/10 after bleeding heavily for 2 weeks. Have never had any period problems in the past. Ultra sound done, endometrial biopsy done, only fibroids were found. Put on Loestrin 24 at the age of 48. Has taken care of the bleeding, I actually have nothing now, but would ...

Can I take Aleve or Advil while on Lysteda?

Posted 24 May 2012 by Rej128 2 answers

I used Lysteda for one month. My period is now due again (it's actually 15 days overdue)?

Posted 2 Dec 2012 by Phlea 3 answers

I am wondering if this is a side effect. I am having cramps but still no period. I took a pregnancy test because of missing my period but I am not pregnant. Just wondering if anyone has experiened this.

Is severe joint pain 1 month after taking lysteda for the 1st time a side effect or something else?

Posted 23 Mar 2013 by LizFS 3 answers

I took lysteda last month for the first time. 2 pills three X a day for 3 days. Worked great-very light period. My problems have occurred since then. First, my next period was 6 days late. Second, two days before my late period started, I began to experience severe pain and swelling in all ...

Lysteda - I want to know what happens to the blood in the body that does not come out during?

Posted 10 Apr 2012 by bean1982 1 answer

... menstruation. My periods have been reduced by 2/3 which is great and I no longer have palm size clots, but where is the blood going in my body that isn't coming out? It makes me nervous that my period is so light now

This is my 2nd month of taking Lysteda. My period only lasted 2 days, but I have pain in my left?

Posted 24 Nov 2012 by corlinty 1 answer

... side of my lower abdomen, where my ovary is, and feel sick to my stomach. I stopped taking the pills when my period stopped, 2 days ago, but still have the abdominal pain. Is this normal? How long does Lysteda stay in your system?

Has anyone been harmed by using lysteda? My dr gave Rx for it, but am afraid to try b/c of warnings?

Posted 10 Feb 2013 by brokendarlin 2 answers

I have been having severe periods (serious pain, very heavy bleeding, and long lasting). They also are irregular, meaning I may stop for days and then start again with another long, heavy cycle. My doctor gave me Rx for Lysteda but I am afraid to start it after reading the educational info given by ...

Do OTC pain meds help with the headaches associated with taking Lysteda?

Posted 26 Apr 2013 by AMWK 2 answers

I am excited about starting this medication this week. My gynocologist prescribed it to me because of heavy bleeding (which has led me to be anemic) due to fibroids. I read a lot of positive comments about this drug, but saw several women suffered from headaches. I suffer from headaches already, ...

Has anyone used Lysteda that is having heavy bleeding due to peri-menopause after age 50?

Posted 8 Jan 2011 by cathyjos 1 answer

I am 53 and have been having a very heavy cycle every 3 months. Last time my cycle was light for 30+ days and then extremely heavy. My doctor gave me samples of Lysteda, I took 3 x day for 2 days, and my bleeding stopped. The next cycle was 3 months later and very light for 7 days. Two weeks later, ...

I just started using lysteda 2 days ago?

Posted 12 Nov 2011 by sunpearl 1 answer

I'm 23yrs old and ive had irregular periods for the past 5yrs so I went to my gyno after bleeding for a month straight,had a d&c a year ago and still irregular..birth control made me miserable and all I need was vomit... so finally had a period for 8days was off for 2 days and back on ...

I just started taking Lysteda today - how light does the flow get?

Posted 11 Feb 2012 by H4R 1 answer

Before taking it, on a "heavy flow day" I would need to change tampons every 40 minutes. I was able to last 2 to three hours today. Does the flow get lighter than this? I was hoping for even less.

Will Lysteda make my anemia worse?

Posted 9 May 2012 by Rej128 1 answer

I have menorrhagic anemia and my MD recommended it but I am leary of taking it because one of the side effects listed on the insert is anemia in 5% of the test population.

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