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Lorcet Plus Questions

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Is this illegal?

Posted 4 Jan 2013 by EvilRegal23 3 answers

I don't technically have two doctors. My obgyn saw me and referred me to a specialist. Before I went to the specialist, my obgyn prescribed me Lorcet Plus 30 rxed to me. It was a 7 day supply. I saw the specialist a week later. He gave me Percocet 10/325 30 and his instructions were to take 2 ...

Right now I'm taking 1 or 2 Lorcet Plus a day for degenerative disk disease. How long can I expect?

Posted 12 Apr 2012 by ehoeveler 1 answer

How long can I expect the dose of one or two Lorcet Plus a day to work for my degenerative disk disease? The problem disks are the L4 and 5 located in the curve of my spine. I'm also doing prescribed exercises.

Am going through extreme horniness from Hy-codone w/d- any suggestions on how to 'calm things down?

Posted 8 Mar 2012 by ehoeveler 1 answer

Yes, after taking Lorcet plus 3 times a day for the last 3 weeks I am down to one a day but am in a state of extreme hypersexuality. Have had 13 orgasms in one sitting and still no relief! Tired of walking around with my crotch on fire and feeling irritable if I don't masturbate 10 times a ...

Lorcet Plus - How long does Darvocet stay in your blood stream?

Posted 22 Apr 2011 by 2386reba 1 answer

I had an urine test 2 weeks ago and it showed that I had Darocet in my stream. How long does Darvocet stay in the blood stream so that the next urine test it will not appear

Lorcet 10/650 - what is next medication after lorcet plus?

Posted 30 Mar 2010 by emanlou 3 answers

I have chronic OA and take Lorcet plus 4 pills a day 6 hours apart. I have been taking this med for years and now my OA is getting worse in my hips now and fingers. Lorcet is not working for me like before, what medication is next to help me with this daily pain? Please I need to know what will ...

I do have another question.With m.s.contin which I realize is morphine sulfate and percocet or?

Posted 1 Jul 2009 by Kathysbest 9 answers

... lorcet plus 10/325 considered to both be made from morphine?After having been perscribed the m.s.contin on a maintenance plan as well as the lorcet plus 10/325 for breakthrough pain the new pain control Dr. has taken me off of the 100mg. of m.s.contin but did not say anything in regards to the ...

Lorcet plus vs darvocet-,100?

Posted 18 Nov 2010 by amore2653 1 answer

Lorcet Plus - how long does lorcet stay in your blood stream?

Posted 1 Nov 2009 by ltorrese 1 answer

will it show postive for a drug test for a job

Lorcet Plus - I think my son is some way breaking his down and shooting them is this possible?

Posted 12 Aug 2010 by jeffrolux 1 answer

I keep finding burnt spoons and cotton . And my pills seem to be missing

Opiate Dependence - I need your help! I have been taking Lorcet Plus for about 5 years now. It?

Posted 8 Jun 2010 by Lbarn20 2 answers

... started out with a dosage of 1-2 a day and finally got up to about 7 a day. I had a "scare" last week. I think I almost overdosed. I became lightheaded, dizzy, heart palpations, chest tightness, etc. It finally went away. I am trying to cut the doasge way down to get off of them. For ...

Lorcet Plus - what are the side effects?

Posted 18 Sep 2009 by adgo90 1 answer

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