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Levothroid Questions

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Thyroid levels low, so doctor DECREASES my levothroid?

Posted 5 Jan 2010 by somegirrl 3 answers

I had my thyroid removed 10 years ago. My blood test just came back and it showed my thyroid levels are low, so my doctor just decreased my levothroid from .137 to .125. Is this correct??? Shouldn't my levothroid be increased rather than decreased?

Can levothroid cause leg muscle cramps and general body aches? I started taking it about 10 weeks?

Posted 7 Dec 2010 3 answers

... ago and have had cramps since about week 3. Labs showed a good TSH(2.6) at 6 weeks and I started taking calcium and vit D which seems to help. I also have aches that seem way out of proportion to activities I've done. Before levothroid I felt like I was always choking and was dizzy, short ...

My thyroid was removed last august. I started with levothroid 100mcg now Im up to137mcg. how long?

Posted 2 Jul 2012 by paris04 3 answers

Should it take to get my med right so that the weight gain can stop and i can go back to feeling what is normal for me? My doctor thinks its all in my head!

Why do I get pain from thyroid meds? What can I do?

Posted 31 Aug 2013 by Issa1 3 answers

I'm 72 years old and have been switched from levothroid to Armour thyroid because I was having trouble raising the dose to a better TSH' which is now 18. (I had a thyroidectomy 35 years ago for cancer. Parathyroids working OK.) As soon as I try to increase, even minimally, I get a lot of ...

Levothroid - My friend took my thyroid pill by mistake instead of her high blood pressure pill. I?

Posted 17 Jun 2011 by dsw 1 answer

... told her to skip her blood pressure pill but it should be ok. Do we need to be concerned?

Any valid non-pill remedies for High Cholesterol & HBP?

Posted 3 Apr 2012 by judi-sd 3 answers

Taking Losartan for HBP, given Hydrochlorothiazide (not started, can interact!) Taking Levothroid for hypothyroidism. Given Simvastin for HC (not started). Afraid of too many meds!

Can Levothroid cause short term memory loss?

Posted 25 Jan 2010 by jurni1126 1 answer

Ever since my endrocronologist increased my Levothroid dosage to .075 mcg six days a week, my family and I have noticed that my short term memory is real bad. She doesn't think it's from the Levothroid, but I think it's awfully coincidental.

Sucralfate pantoprazole and levothroid. Any drug interactions or effect on absorption of nutrients?

Posted 1 Aug 2010 by LeDebes 1 answer

GERD - I have been prescribed to take sucralfate and pantoprazole for acid reflux & Barrets disease also I take levothroid. Each requires long periods before eating and before taking another drug.

I take Levothroid 137mcg. Im having hot flashes and night sweats and want to start taking Royal Mac?

Posted 17 Sep 2009 by blwaller 1 answer

Or Black Cohosh. Should I take any of these (Black Cohosh, Royal Maca) while taking Levothroid?

Could Levothroid be the cause of my dark spots on my forehead and sides of face?

Posted 12 Aug 2010 by katarina12345 1 answer

I've been on it for 2 yrs, and prior to taking it I didn't have my face like this, I don't overly expose to sun neither before nor now, use sunblock & cap when possible. Is it possible that the hormones in it are triggering the over pigmentation on my skin? Please help me figure ...

Is it very important to take levothroid on an empty stomache?

Posted 23 Mar 2011 by ronnie hutchinson 1 answer

i have been taking this drug for two weeks after my nightly meal?

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