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Lactation Questions

We found 12 questions associated with the 'Lactation' topic.

Is lactation & off-cycle vaginal bleeding (without pregnancy) unusual/concerning?

Posted 13 Nov 2016 by alannabarnett 0 answers

I experienced some unexpected lactation that was followed within 24 hours by vaginal bleeding, and my last menstrual cycle ended approximately 8 days ago, and I've been back on birth control (larin 1/20) pills for 6 days. I'm under 25 years old and have not been sexually active in over 11 ...

Should I use tamoxifen to treat early gynocomastia?

Posted 14 Aug 2016 by Jerry1231 0 answers

I had taken a prohormone named Epistane for 4 weeks. Following this supplement i took another supplement named Osta Shred which is a Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM) and Tamoxifen which a SERM. Following the end of my supplement use i noticed that my nipples were sensitive, and they ...

Nexplanon - Have the imp since 2014, lactation and almost every pregnancy symptom know to man?!?

Posted 7 Jul 2016 by Help_imfertile 0 answers

My breasts are AT LEAST 2 cup sizes bigger than 2 weeks ago, (oh, and LACATING!! Just noticed that this am) I have to use the bathroom significantly more often... I have 2 daughters (4 and 2- almost 3) both conceived on the pill. I haven't has a pregnancy scare once while having the implant.. ...

What the drug which save in pregnant women to treat the mix vaginal Infection ؟?

Posted 23 Apr 2016 by Ameer saad 0 answers

Drug which work localy not systemic that save for pregnant and lactation women

Levopraid causes lactation?

Posted 7 Aug 2013 by DumbTerminal 1 answer

Hi!, My wife is 30 years of age, we have two beautiful children, 11year old daughter and 6 year old son. She had some digestion problem thus the doc gave her Levopraid (LevoSulpiride) 50mg twice a day with SelanzSR 30mg once a day. She have been taking these for the past 3 weeks and now has noticed ...

Is rinofed safe in lactation?

Posted 21 Nov 2013 by jindiyajohn 1 answer

How does brocellosis effect on lactation?

Posted 16 Sep 2012 by sakoka 2 answers

i did ceserean before 20 days ago but yesterday i discovered that i have brocellosis but my baby is on brest feeding is there any complication?

Does fenugreek induce lactation if your not pregnant?

Posted 29 Jun 2011 by cemmer 2 answers

i want to nurse but am not pregnant.

Geodon - How long will it take for side effects to go away?

Posted 20 Sep 2011 by maggiexjo 1 answer

Just stopped Geodon about a week about. Was on it for maybe almost 2 yrs. SIDE EFFECTS: Swelling in cheeks. Double vision Lactation (last 4 months approx.) I don't know for sure if they are related but they all started after Geodon, if they are side effects how long will it take for them to ...

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