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I haven't started Contrave yet. I am more hesitant because I don't know what to eat when it comes to

Posted 14 Dec 2016 by Ladyjlilly 1 answer

... breakfast. Would it be okay to drink a carnation instant breakfast with lactaid milk? I'm not a breakfast person but I figured it would help with the nausea that keep reading about. Please someone help me with some kind of a diet direction. I even called Contrave and well that didn't ...

How long is Lactaid Milk good in refrigerator after opening? It doesn't smell sour or anything like?

Posted 7 Oct 2016 by Mspjj 0 answers

... regular milk if I don't drink it for a few days. Other than that, it tastes good & "controls" my problems

Can Lactaid cause constipation?

Posted 25 Jan 2011 by vzane1 2 answers

Can Lactaid stop me from deficating?

Lactose Intolerance - My son is lactose intolerant however over the past year we have been able to?

Posted 18 Sep 2014 by MPCanada 1 answer

... reintroduce butter, milk, yogurt and icecream and he has no symptoms. CHEESE however is terrible for him even with lactaid. What is in cheese that can be causing such bloating and gas??

Lactaid pills?

Posted 21 Aug 2014 by km22302 1 answer

When ever i take Lactaid pills i vomit every time. I don't know why though? its almost instant every time.

Lactose Intolerance - How many lactaid or lactase pills do you take before eating dairy?

Posted 13 Dec 2009 by alice100 1 answer

I take 5 before beginning to eat dairy and still have occasional problems. Thanks

Lactaid - If taken by a person who does not need it do anything to then is so what does it do to u?

Posted 15 Sep 2013 by Derp_1234 2 answers

... and is it like taking a prescription drug

Can taking medications with milk affect how they are absorbed?

Posted 22 Sep 2010 by lboockfor 1 answer

A friend is taking mitotane for cancer. She has been increasing her dosage but her levels are decreasing. She has been taking it crushed and with lactaid. Could that be causing her to not absorb the mitotane?

Do lactaid pills and metformin react adversely when taken together?

Posted 8 Nov 2012 by mariann maude 1 answer

Last Saturday and again tonight I took a metformin just as I was starting to eat then took 2 lactaid tablets because I craved milk. Both of these nights I then spent on the toilet and hanging over the toilet being sick. My hubby and I ate the same thing both evenings and he is fine so I ruled out ...

At what age can children take Lactaid tablets?

Posted 27 Aug 2010 by ltlmrmd 1 answer

Does Lactaid affect the absorption of calcium?

Posted 4 Nov 2011 by mmr2011 1 answer

Can lactaid help in preventing pancreatitis?

Posted 27 Nov 2011 by bingobabe111 1 answer

Can the enzymes in lactaid help by breaking down dairy or occasional fatty foods, if I'm in the early stages of pancreatitis? Had it twice in 3 years & had to be hospitalized both times. I now realize I DID have some early symptoms - is there something I could have done to prevent it from ...

OTC meds sold in blister pacs: Does it matter if I pop some out for travel?

Posted 8 Sep 2011 by rocksanne 1 answer

I'm trying to pack light for a trip, and am wondering if there is any reason why I shouldn't just open a few single-serve OTC medicines (like Lactaid and Sudafed), and throw them loose in a pill container, rather than dealing with all the extra packaging. The labels don't mention ...

What ingredient in maxzide makes me lactose intolerant?

Posted 27 Sep 2010 by lightbulb529 1 answer

I bloat really bad and have found out that I cannot tolerate milk, cheese, brocolli and other raw veggies. I have tried beano and lactaid. all started from hctz

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