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Knee Pain Questions

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Can ibuprofen cause constipation?

I am on prednisone and can't sleep and severe leg/knee pain is this normal?

my face is swollen, legs weak, knee pain waking me up so pain cant' stand the pain is this caused from the prednisone?

Synvisc-One - How long after getting the injection of Synvisc will the knee pain begin to subside?

I had the injection 4 days ago and the usual knee pain persists !

Does Augmentin ES-600 cause severe knee / joint pain during and after the prescribed course?

Given Augmentin ES-600 for 10 days for Cellulitis in lower leg; now have changed Antibiotics and have had severe pain in both knees in all positions. Is the knee pain from the Augmentin??

Can tramadol cause hair loss?

I am suspicious this med has caused hair loss in me because of when both events started. Even though tramadol has worked for me in controlling my back/sciatica and knee pain, the hair loss has been depressing

Tramadol not working when taken as prescribed?

Hey guys my doctor prescribed me tramadol 50mg for my knee pain about a week ago. I have been taking them as prescribed and they do not seem to help the pain what so ever. In fact every time I take them I get a pretty bad headache. I'm a 250 pound man and I am not sure what dosage is safe for... read more

I have taken 10/325 hydro & 5/325 oxy for knee pain they Don't help. What can I get thats stronger?

I have severe knee pain from traumatic arthritis from the army. I have taken 10/325 hydrocodone for 2 years now. The Doctor just switched me to 5/325 oxycodone since the hydro no longer helped, the oxy is not helping either. The VA is very hesitant to prescribe opioids or benzo's is there any... read more

Percocet - T 194 I went to my pharmacy today & they gave me these. Normally I get IP204?

I was getting my Percocet 10/325 IP204 but my pharmacy has said they no longer carry these. So I am wondering if any one has had this brand? I have chronic back, neck & knee pain. I was wondering if any one could help me on this. II see no reviews at all on this. Any help would be greatly... read more

Knee pain after total hip replacement?

When I go to bed my affected side of a total hip replacement causes me severe knee pain

Why an I having stabbing knee pain after my 3rd injection of Euflexxa?

I had my first injection and I was very happy. I thought it was going to work. I had the second injection and I had a small amount of pain. A week after the 3rd injection I am in terrible pain. I can’t lay down to sleep at night. The pain is real bad upon laying down. Throughout the day I get... read more

Naproxen - Sciatica leg pain?

Has anyone suffered knee pain along with back of leg pain due to sciatica? I have pain from buttocks all the way down to my ankle involving pain under the knee cap

I have been on meloxicam 15mg for over a year for knee pain. I have had bad muscle pain and went to?

... my family doctor and he said I have polymyalgia rheumatica. My CRP level is high. Can meloxicam cause it to be high? I itch all over and have a BAD headache. The ultram does not help the pain at all. Can hardly type this. Answers please!!

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