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Klonopin Wafer Questions

We found 13 questions associated with the 'Klonopin Wafer' topic.

Does a Klonopin Wafer work better, than the regular Klonopin?

Posted 15 Aug 2009 by dawniebabie26 3 answers

I'am just looking to see it the Klonopin Wafer is any better, or the same as a regular klonopin?

Are klonopin wafers faster acting than klonopin pills?

Posted 17 Aug 2013 by smshocker 2 answers

I have severe panic attacks and was taking Xanax but they changed my mindframe to much, I was on klonopin for awhile then my dr I go to now does not like klonopin so she gave me lorazepam(Ativan), im just wondering if for anxiety/panic attacks and being bi polar, is Ativan or klonopin best for me? ...

A few days ago I started taking .05 mg of klonopin 3 times a day?

Posted 9 Oct 2012 by briards 3 answers

i read there are klonopin wafers that you take when having a panic attack. if this is true can i ask my doc to continue with the pills, but also prescribe the wafers for my panic attacks. this sounds so hopeful, maybe i will have less agoraphobia. i rarely leave the house. logically, it seems that ...

Medication - Has anyone ever heard of Klonopin Wafer?? That psych. I met on Friday said that maybe?

Posted 29 May 2011 by JennyLynn4eva 3 answers

... a good way to replace the daily klonopin meds which I only use for panic attacks. He said the wafers are good to take just in a bad panic attack situation. I have never ever heard of this med

How long do Klonopin wafers last in comparison to regular Klonopin tablets?

Posted 22 Dec 2011 by mcrue1981 1 answer

I used to take 1mg of regular Klonopin for insomnia, but was just prescribed wafers instead. I'm wondering if they will still be effective, or if they don't last as long, being that they work faster?

Klonopin Wafer - Why isn't it allowed to split a .125 mg wafer in half?

Posted 6 Feb 2013 by w31961 1 answer

I'm tapering off of klonopin and I want .0625 mg cuts. Splitting a .125 mg wafer in half would give me this cut... but everywhere I look says not to cut (or split) the wafer. WHY? Benzo-brain.

Klonopin Wafer - How does this compare to?

Posted 2 Jan 2014 by SandraLHoutz 1 answer

The traditional tablet form... I'm currently taking 2.5 mg tablet form for restless leg syndrome and periodic limb movement disorder and terrible insomnia, I also take 100 mg of trazodone... Thoughts?

Clonazepam Disintegrating Wafer, .25mg & .5mg?

Posted 13 Dec 2015 by doodlebear16 2 answers

My Dr just switched my dose of Clonazepam Disintegrating Wafer from .25mg to .5mg. I was reading the outside of the bubble package of the wafers and on the .25mg it says "Contains phenylalanine 2.4mg per tablet" and on the .5mg it says the same thing. How can that be the same if they are ...

How can I get Klonopin Wafers?

Posted 5 Aug 2009 by altamira 2 answers

I want to stop drinking, and kinow this drug can help me stop.

Klonopin Wafer - I just got a script for klonopin and it has a kinda minty taste to it.. I just?

Posted 18 Mar 2010 by scarscar 1 answer

... heard of this kind that dissolves in your mouth. i threw out my phamphlet on it. Is there a way to find out by the pill if it is the kind i can swallow or dissolve? And if i swallow it instead of dissolve, will it still work?

Seizure Prevention - Is there any Video on how to administer Klonopin Wafers ?

Posted 15 Dec 2013 by salvi2831 1 answer

I am a Monitor for a child on a school bus, who has the drug Klonopin, in Wafer form.I have been advised that in the chance a seizure should accure, I should put the wafer between, the cheek, and teeth, and gently rub the wafer to help it to dissolve. I am curios if the is any Video on this ...

Can Klonopin wafer cause soreness of the tongue, and if so, should I just swallow it?

Posted 21 Feb 2017 by valhh 0 answers

I am having soreness of the tongue while taking Klonopin wafers, even though this is not listed in the side effects. Is this normal? Should I just swallow them instead?

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