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Keratitis Questions

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Has anyone been on Lexapro and Prednisone at the same time? I had a high ANA titer and they?

Posted 16 Jan 2016 by blaaccypher 4 answers

Started me on the Prednisone as a precaution pretty high dose. I have been on it before for two years but not with Lexapro. Please help!!!

Can I use Natacyn for a month after I open it?

Posted 5 Jul 2016 by J9907 0 answers

Hi, can i actually use natacyn for a month after i open it? Because my friend told me that i should discard it a week after i open it. Thanks, your answer will really help me :D

Are steroids usually prescribed for a UTI in men??

Posted 20 Feb 2016 by AZCATSAC 1 answer

Was contacted by past partner who accused me of giving him UTI, STD, STI, and he was prescribed steroids for 6 weeks, I never had any of the diseases or symptoms, He also had keratitis(Pinkeye) which I never had. Is he full of S,,, I have had 2 complete blood panel workups for STD/STI in last 6 ...

Ocular Herpes Simplex - I am a Nurse Practitioner and got HSV at work?

Posted 20 May 2014 by rxrmom 2 answers

I was infected in my eye while culturing a patient. The virus was mutated and had Type 1 & 2 in it. It caused Keratitis, then spread to my brain causing encephalitis, and put me in a coma for a month. Afterwards, I went blind and my cornea tore off my eye. I get seizures and have brain damage ...

Herpes Simplex Dendritic Keratitis - I am suffering from herpes simplex keratitis for 12 days

Posted 26 Jul 2013 by s MIT 1 answer

... ophthalmologist has suggested acyclovir ointment,acyclovir 400mg thrice a day,moxifloxacin drops,refresh eye drops,cyclogyl drops,.i was improved by 7th day and my corneal stain had become nil by then.since there was corneal opacity,i was put on steroid drops and oral steroid.i was feeling okay ...

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