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Which one is stronger between 500mg Keflex, 500mg Amoxicillin or 500mg Penicillin?

I just want to know which one is a stronger antibiotic?

Can bactrim and keflex be taken together?

Why does Keflex smell bad?

Is it safe to take Keflex when allergic to penicillin?

Had a reaction to a penicilin based medication which was a strong version of the penicillin, now have been told to take Keflex, Dr knows my situation. If not advisable to take what would be good for upper respiratory infection I have had for 5 days, not on the chest.

What do I do for diarrhea from keflex? how soon should it resolve?

was taking 500 mg twice a day... my error. rx was 3 times. got diarrhea on about the 6th day... sunday. took on monday morning and stopped. diarrhea still present. watery. what do i need to do?

Is keflex in the same family as cipro?

Will keflex help my sinus infection?

Can keflex treat ringworm?

What is the shelf life of keflex 500 mg cap?

Best antibiotic for toe nail infection?

Keflex? Must be a newer med for skin infection.

Can keflex be used for strep throat?

Animal keflex is the same as human keflex, correct? I am almost sure but wanted to get more input?

My boyfriend is getting a wisdom tooth pulled in about a month. With his work he had to put it off. It has hurt on and off for a little while but now. WOW. We have some keflex left over from a dog. (not expired- Dog or Keflex) LOL. I can call the dentist tomorrow but he works a lot and he needs to... read more

Can Keflex be bad for a diabetic?

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