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Panic Disorder - I'm curious. Has anyone experienced temporary blindness during a panic attack?

Posted 5 Dec 2015 by LivelyRadish 4 answers

I went to the doctor because in the past few months I keep going temporarily blind after the onset of a panic attack. After going through several scans at the hospital and several doctor visits, I was confirmed that it was just my panic attacks and that this was completely normal. That really ...

Bad effects of fluoxetine?

Posted 10 Jul 2017 by popcat 3 answers

I've been taking 20mg of fluoxetine for almost 4 weeks now, but find myself in a deeper & deeper depression, together with agitation. As so many people say keep going with this drug as it only "kicks in" in around 4 weeks, that's what I've done, but now I'm getting ...

Wean off Valium. How to do so?

Posted 7 Jul 2016 by Scaryeyes 2 answers

I am on a low amount of Valium - 3mg per day. I am going down by .5 every two weeks. Can i do it quicker? Or shall i keep going at this pace? Thanks s.e

Why am I still bleeding and why does the color keep going back and forth?

Posted 27 Oct 2015 by Echo147 1 answer

So my period was suppose to be 10/24/15. With that in mind, on the 21st of that month my boyfriend and I had sex and when I went to the bathroom there was the faintest color of light brown. We had sex again later that night, rather rough, it was dark so once we turned the light back on we found ...

I need an "as needed" vs take daily med to help with stress/anxiety.?

Posted 8 Jul 2016 by Laura222 1 answer

I just had a mini stroke, and they are treating me for Bell's palsy with prednisone and acyclovir. The Drs I am dealing with are very helpful, but I can't afford to keep going back to talk to them about EVERYTHING I am going through as it changes with out sounding like a hypochondriac... ...

My wife has been on the Norco 10/325 formulatory brand for years, because the generics she tried?

Posted 16 Feb 2017 by slovak1 1 answer

in the past did not help her pain as much and left her constipated. The price of the formulatory keep going up every year and we are now paying over $700/momth using Expect Scripts. Is there a close generic to the formulatory that she may be able to take? Anyway to get a cheaper price or coupons ...

Does anyone else have problems with generic Prozac? I've tried fluoxetine several many times?

Posted 24 Feb 2017 by Evdico 1 answer

Generic Prozac never has worked for me. Only reason I keep going back to generic is when I can't afford to pay for real Prozac.

Aubra - Does it make people breakout in the beginning only or does it keep going for months?

Posted 22 Aug 2015 by Rvaide 1 answer

I've been getting really bad acne and I just don't know what to do. I'm scared to stop taking it and to start something new not knowing how my body will react to it.

Hodgkin's Lymphoma - I have been in remission for 10 months - been on chemo (brentuximab) for?

Posted 1 Nov 2015 by LoLee Girl 1 answer

... refractory Hodg Lymhoma for a year and a half... Doc wants to keep going until I reach 24 months, but I feel like the side effects I am feeling are starting to cause more harm than help. Has anyone else had hear experiences here? Should I insist on quitting? Side effects are: hands and feet ...

Ortho Tri-Cyclen - I tried to skip a period and ended up with one anyways, but it's been over a week

Posted 18 Oct 2015 by victoriaarfo13 0 answers

... and I still have a slight period. What should I do? Do I stop taking the pills for a few days or just keep going with them?

Hi! I am 44 year old female and have been on Linzess for about a month.

Posted 9 Feb 2018 by JJH44 0 answers

I keep going back and forth - constipation to diarrhea. This whole time. The cramping and bloating are also horrible. How much longer do I wait for this medication to give me normal bowel motions?

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