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My 6 yr. began taking kapvay 0.1mg 4 weeks ago. 1st week had to just deal with the sleepiness but w?

Second and third week he was great, teacher was very happy said he is now focused and paying attention no running around and touching everything. Now week four, seems like he has become immune or ...

Posted 13 Jun 2015 2 answers

Does anyone know how long Kapvay takes to know if it is helping?

Also are moody & oppositional behaviors common in the first 2 weeks because of the tiredness it causes?

Posted 16 Sep 2014 1 answer

Intuniv - Does this medication cause weight gain or a change in eating habits?

My twelve year old son was on Intuniv for the last two months and he gained five pounds. He is not heavy, but not thin either. He has Tourettes, OCD, and ADHD and we are attempting to treat his ...

Posted 24 Mar 2011 1 answer

My 9 yr olds dr just switched him from clonidine to kapvay, and he won't go to sleep now???

My 9 year old has been on clonidine for 5 years to help him sleep. 3 days ago, his dr replaced his clonidine with kapvay .1mg and now he has been staying awake until about 5 a.m. Is this normal? Can ...

Posted 13 Jul 2013 4 answers

Do you help patients with lower cost for drugs?

my son takes kapvay even with my perscription coverage the cost is still 115.00 a script. I am a single parent with the income of 2000.00 a month with no help for his drugs is there anyway i can get ...

Posted 2 Sep 2013 3 answers

My 11 year old son takes Clonidine 0.2 at night and now he has KAPVAY ER 0.1 can he take both ?

My 11 year old son was recently diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder, so he has KAPVAY for his the ADHD part, he takes Clonidine for his trouble sleeping and now he is taking TRILEPTAL too.

Posted 12 Jun 2013 3 answers

Kapvay - Adding Kaypav?

My son is 6. He was diagnoses with ADHD two years ago. We have since been on 8 meds. stimulant and non stimulant. Recently we went through extensive testing and discovered he has a learning ...

Posted 3 Feb 2013 1 answer

Does Kapvay cause severe tantrums?

my 5 yr old son has hydrocephalus, epilepsy, autism, and adhd. lately he has been having severe tantrums and hits himself on his knees or hits his head on the floor or whatever is close to him. does ...

Posted 12 Aug 2012 2 answers

When does the sleepiness & mood swings of Kapvay go away?

My 6 yr old son just started Kapvay 8 days ago. The first week, he took .1mg at bed time only. We just added the .1mg to the morning and he took a nap this afternoon because he couldn't stay ...

Posted 12 Jan 2012 2 answers

Does kapvay help ocd and anxiety?

my daughter has autism and suffers from ocd and anxiety, will kapvay help with that

Posted 27 Jan 2012 2 answers

Adhd and kapvay as a blood pressure med?

I have high blood pressure already omeds for it what is kapvay anyone use it souls should I be intrested in it What's its side effects and the difference in that and linapril

Posted 17 Mar 2012 1 answer

Kapvay and sleeping problems?

My 9 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD. He has excessive eye blinking so the Dr. prescribed Kapvay saying that would help with his tick. He started on .1 at night for one week, then we moved to ...

Posted 17 Nov 2011 1 answer

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