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Junel Fe 1.5 / 30 Questions

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Can switching from Junel FE 1.5/30 to Gildess FE 1.5/30 cause side effects?

Posted 9 Nov 2013 by StabbyStegosaurus 1 answer

Could switching from Junel FE to Gildess FE cause spotting (week after normal period, I haven't spotted since last year), cramping, upset stomach, nausea, and/or general crappiness? My pharmacy recently switched my birthcontrol to Gildess FE after I had been taking Junel FE (successfully ...

Brown discharge while on birth control normal ?

Posted 21 Sep 2015 by Cbradley 1 answer

I started birth control for the first time in July and it was making my period last for 14 days. On September 3 I was switch to Junel fe 1.5/30 and started it Sunday the 6th like she told me. On the 16th dark brown blood came out like I just started my period. But after that nothing really came out ...

Junel Fe 1.5/30 - one day I was about to take my pill & dropped it & couldnt find it which was on a?

Posted 14 Apr 2013 by jacquise 2 answers

... friday so i took the next day which was a saturday now im goin to be off track with the days what should i do? (i dropped friday pill so i took saturday pill & i took sunday pill on saturday) what should i do @ the end of the month because 1 pill is goin to be missing?

Is it normal to bleed during 2nd and 3rd week of taking Junel Fe?

Posted 28 Jun 2010 by schoeneman22 1 answer

Ok, so I just had a baby 8 weeks ago and at about my 5th week post partum I began using Junel Fe. I have been bleeding for about a week and a half now and I am kind of concerned. Do not know if it is normal due to my hormones changing or what, but does anyone know what is going on?

I am on junel fe 1.5/30 for about 5 years. I have never skipped a pill and only am late by 1-2 hours

Posted 26 Mar 2015 1 answer

I had sex with my boyfriend without a condom 8 weeks ago. I got my period last time and it was 3 days and very dark old blood. I am currently on day 5 pf placebo with no period. I dont have any symptoms really but am so scared. I took 3 pregnancy tests and are all negative. I keep hearing those ...

Junel Fe 1.5/30 - Period while taking continuously???

Posted 8 Sep 2015 by Kelizabeth 1 answer

... and I both decided the best route for me was to take it continuously, therefore skipping my periods. I have never once missed a pill but now, at month 6, I have gotten my period when I shouldn't. Has this ever happened to anyone else? What was said/done about it? Anything helps! Thank you!

Junel Fe 1.5/30 - Did your first period at the completion of first month on Jenel come really heavy?

Posted 13 Feb 2014 by JRogstad 1 answer

Daughter started this for this month... she completed it, and is now having the first period. She is having the worst cramps ever, and big clots (a bunch of them) and is really wiped out. She has not had regular periods so I attribute it to that, not this pill. Just curious. I never tolerated the ...

Continuous birth control?

Posted 5 Aug 2015 by Alteredintell 1 answer

I'm currently taking Junel Fe 1.5/30, but I take them continuously so I dont get my period. I haven't had a period in almost a year now. Because of this, would this make pregnancy a greater or less possibility? (Because of the way I use it) Thank you in advance for any replies.

Junel Fe 1.5/30 - Why is my bleeding not stopping? I'm almost done with the pack?

Posted 5 Nov 2015 by Tara Stoughton 1 answer

I've take 18 days of the hormone pills. Should I skip the brown pills and keep taking hormone pills straight into the next pack?

I've been on junel fe 1.5/30 for 4 months now. Missed a pill last month but this month I have been?

Posted 10 Apr 2015 by stephgperlera 1 answer

... on time. Had unprotected sex on 7th day before i took my pill. I started spotting lightly 3 days after, should i worry?

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