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Illegal Questions

We found 14 questions associated with the 'Illegal' topic.

How long does PCP stay in your system?

Posted 23 Jan 2011 by brebree 3 answers

Zantac 150 - will this med cause a false positive drug screen?

Posted 18 Oct 2017 by husbandneedsjob 1 answer

My husband just took a pre-employment drug screen today and came up positive for amphetamines. He does not use any sort of illegal drug. The only 2 OTC meds he takes is the Walmart generic Rantanadine. Dosage calls for for 1-2 pills however he does take 4-5 at a time, usually daily. And Rolaids or ...

What exactly is Captagon and is it still available?

Posted 3 Dec 2015 1 answerFAQ by

I found meloxicam in my car. Is this an illegal medication to have without script?

Posted 26 Feb 2017 by Adpeterson88 2 answers

I've had an awful argument with my husband and parked in a Walmart parking lot crying. A cop drove by and I remembered my dad leaving this in my car by accident (it's his script). I don't want to get in trouble for having this in my vehicle.

I have spinal problems and muscle spasms in my back the pain is excruciating?

Posted 24 Jun 2017 by Melwheeler 1 answer

I am in such pain I can't do much of anything. I heard you can buy them online without a prescription is this true? Or is this illegal? Please help!

Does methenamine have any side effects?

Posted 6 Mar 2017 by kristinmcaff35 1 answer

I was recently prescribed it due to constant UTI's and I read a lot of good reviews on it (aside from it tasting bad) was wondering if its in any way similar effect-wise to the illegal methamphetamine because I can't take anything that's a stimulant in any way. I'm guessing ...

My friend has taken naloxone 0.4 muscular shot 2x he n half ago. He did some illegal drug and felt?

Posted 15 Apr 2017 by Helperfriend 2 answers

... like he was going to pass out so administered the shots himself and called me. How long will these side effects last? He's red as a lobster, some shortness of breath, cold flashes

Is this an illegal substance?

Posted 16 Apr 2015 by LD123456789 1 answer

I found a little white pill and it says V M60 on it. The V is above the M60 and both are centred. The pill doesn't look like its coated either. There's a large cross on the opposite site so that pill is 'seperated' in fours. I'm just wondering what it is? And if it might be ...

0.5 milligram Ativan withdrawal?

Posted 20 Feb 2017 by Sanbran 1 answer

Boy, did I make a mistake! I'm going through menopause and have bad anxiety. My friend gave me her left over script (yes, well aware that's illegal), about 60 pills. I was taking 1/2 a pill a day for the last 3 months. I didn't take the 1/2 pill for almost 2 days because I was ...

Does anyone know about Ibogaine?

Posted 22 Feb 2017 by Windchimes123 1 answer

I saw a documentary on this controversial treatment for opioid withdrawal. It's illegal in the US and must be done through treatment centers involving total immersion therapy in a zen-like environment. The controversial discussion was that the patent is up and there is no money to be made. ...

While weaning off of OxyContin by my pain management doctor, is it illegal to use legal medical....

Posted 13 Feb 2018 by Alt-Use 0 answers

... cannabi. My pain management doctor said I cannot use my legal medical cannabis at the same time while he is weaning me off of OxyContin (per my request to be weaned off of OxyContin). He says it is illegal (in FL) to use both, and he could lose his MD License. Is this true?

Marijuana interaction with Mavyret?

Posted 16 May 2018 by MicheG 0 answers

Marijuana interaction... did or does anyone use THC while on this medicine and if so what was the outcome? I do not drink or smoke cigarettes or any illegal drugs but I use THC as a sleep aid ( yes I have a medical card not the stuff off of the street) I am not an all day marijuana smoker I ...

Venlafaxine - Tinnitus started 3-5 weeks gone of treatment with Venlafaxin.. And I had short?

Posted 13 Oct 2017 by Czc57 0 answers

... cirkuit, it felt like an electric schock, with a spark in the back of head.Have had tinnitus now 2 years, from start in 2 ears . But after taking E, ( illegal subst) and it was a good one, since then only, constant its my left ear, head. When medication started I was seriously depresst. Had ...

In Kentucky, allergic to hydrocodone. Didn't know. The doctor said discontinue and they'll call me..

Posted 6 Feb 2018 by Hurting-confused 0 answers

... tomorrow. My pain is unreal. My question is, can the clinic keep my left over prescription of filled pills? Q:2. Isn't that giving someone else my prescription narcotic and illegal?

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