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Hydrea Questions

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Hydroxyurea - Does any one have fatigue in get hot in itchy while raising hydrea?

Posted 17 Dec 2016 by Ann polk 0 answers

I have been on hydrea for almost a year. I get fatigue hot in sweaty in feel awfully.

Hydroxyurea - My husbands diagnosis is Essential trombocytosis...his dr.gave him hydrea..she put him

Posted 27 Apr 2016 by teresa torres 2 answers

... on 9 pills ... 3in the am 3 in the afteenoon and 3 in the evening... thats 1,500 mg 3 times daily!!! Hes miserable... sore mouth..constapation... weak..dizzy... some nose bleeding..tired all the time... his appetite is at a minumum... Hes been on this other med to liquify his blood as well... ...

Return of headaches after 2 weeks?

Posted 12 Nov 2015 by 4422572 1 answer

On hydrea for 2 wks, first platelet count is Fri. Headaches which had been one of original symptoms had stopped but started again last couple days. Headache symptom of the et or side effect of hydroxy. Started at 1000/day.

Polycythemia Vera -?

Posted 29 Aug 2014 by Dave108 2 answers

I am a recent 70 year old polycythemia "diagnosee",52% hematocrit, learning the ropes.I'm gathering information on Hydrea or interferon or maybe just phlebotomy. Success figures for phlebotomy alone don't look promising, niether does a prolonged period of interferon injections ...

My husband has been on Hydrea for almost 10 years to treat Polycythemia Vera?

Posted 4 Apr 2014 by mln2603 3 answers

Just this week he was diagnosed with Melanoma. I was just reading the Hydrea is used to treat Melanoma, so how could he get it? Shouldn't the Hydrea have stopped it?

I have 64 years , I have leukemia ( CMML type) my doctor advice my to take hydrea but as long time?

Posted 24 Feb 2014 by emad hamdi 1 answer

... actually i have anemia . What is the solution to avoid the side effect of hydrea? for your knowledge (Juk2 mutation: Negative) & ( PCR value : Negative) your response will be appreciated thanks

Can you take Droxia 200 mg instead of Hydrea 500 mg?

Posted 18 Dec 2012 by epk291 1 answer

this for my 91 yr old wife with high blood platelets. Range current 350 to 400

Blood Disorders - My husband takes Hydrea for Essential Thrombocythemia and his MCH in blood tests?

Posted 11 Nov 2010 by carolinapenn 1 answer

... come up critical high, how dangerous can this be

Hydrea - Is a poor bone marrow function. Don't that mean you should not be takeing hydroxyurea if?

Posted 2 Dec 2009 by deborah mccloud 1 answer

should any one be takeing hydrea if thay have leukemia

Acute Myeloid Leukemia - I was diagnosed with AML Oct., 2008. Underwent induction chemo and was in?

Posted 23 Sep 2009 by SuzyQu2 1 answer

... remission in Dec., 2008. Followed with consolidation chemo but was out of remission in Aug., 2009. Am now looking at bone marrow (stem cell) transplant. Just finished a round of dacogen 5 days ago. Began taking hydroxyurea (hydrea)500 mg twice a day today. White count at 4,000 and platelets at ...

Has agrylin changed so it does not increase heart rate?

Posted 3 Nov 2009 by judhop 1 answer

i have essential thrombocytosis & took the drug but had problems with heart rate... now i am on hydrea only & would like to use the agrylin drug if it has been improved

Is Hydrea still used for Polycythemia Vera?

Posted 28 Aug 2009 by CoryJ 1 answer

Is this still the drug of choice for PV patients?

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