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Insulin - How many "units" are in a 3ml vial?

Posted 25 Apr 2013 by coastalcajun 1 answer

Humulin N was prescribed for my cat at 2.5 units twice a day.

Can novolog insulin be mixed with humulin n?

Posted 11 Jun 2014 by rich thomas 1 answer

I have type 2 diabetes and began using humulin N almost 2 months ago. I was instructed to begin?

Posted 6 Nov 2013 by staceybackus 2 answers

... using 8 units and increase by 2 units every 2 days until my blood sugar level is 120 in the morning. I am currently filling my syringe to the 48 mark before bed and my sugar is averaging 136 in the morning before breakfast. I am also taking oral diabetes drugs. Is this insulin dose too high? Is ...

Diabetes, Type 1 - Dr. wants to change me from my Humulin N (20 am)?

Posted 18 Jul 2013 by donnab123 1 answer

and Humulin R and N evening (dosage depending on meal, etc) to Levemir long lasting, taking it in evening; said to take Humulin R at meals. My question is - is it better to take a rapid acting insulin at meals as it works faster and leaves system quicker? I feel there will be an overlap if I take ...

I have humulin n and it's already been opened and I went to go use it I found it on the floor not in

Posted 12 Oct 2012 by mary4940 1 answer

... the refrigerator. I'm scared to use it but I just bought it and it wasn't out long am I able to still use it being it was still very cool in a dark room

Humulin N - Does humulin cause an increase in hunger?

Posted 25 Jul 2012 by Duv 1 answer

Does Humulin N need to be refrigerated?

Posted 31 Jan 2010 by behunin 2 answers

I ordered some insulin from an online diabetes supply facility, and it's now been 11 days since my order. My shipping tracking states that it has (for whatever reason) bounced around in Florida for the past 10 days. The last time (which should have been the LAST time) we ordered from this ...

Can you mix Novolin R with Humulin N ?

Posted 9 Sep 2010 by pcsmith 1 answer

Humulin N Pen - can I prepare dosages ahead of time, arm will be in a cast soon so will need help?

Posted 6 Apr 2011 by Duneis 1 answer

I am having surgery on my right arm & will be in a cast for about 6 week's. I will need help with dialing my pen for proper dosage. I take my shots twice a day. Can I prepare doseage 's ahead of time, as I will need someone to do the pen for me

Peak period of activity for humulin N?

Posted 6 Dec 2010 by Phil Evans 1 answer

I have thousands of dollars of insulin ~ Humulin N & R. The dr. changed me to something else. WHAT?

Posted 27 Oct 2010 by sherryklaub 1 answer

... Can I do with all this insulin?

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