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Heroin Questions

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Suboxone to methadone ?

i have been suffering from opiate addiction and have been on and off using oxycontin 80mg and heroin for the passed 2 years. yesterday i was placed on suboxone induction to help with withdrawals and it is working but only to a certain point. i feel like the relief im getting dosent last as long as... read more

How long does opioid withdrawal last?

How does fentanyl compare to heroin or other opiates?

How long after my last heroin use can I take Suboxone?

To avoid intense withdrawals, how long after my last heroin use should I wait to take Suboxone?

How long should I wait to take subutex after my last dose of heroin?

i thought subutex was different from soboxone because it doesnt have the blocker. So is there a such thing as taking subutex to soon like there is with the soboxone?

Opiate Dependence - can you get addiction to suboxone?

... My boyfriend was in rehab for heroin addiction, and now he is taking suboxone by prescription. I just find out he is consuming something call 30's, I dont know what is it... its that a drug? or is that something related q his treatment? Can he get addiction to suboxone?

Can 12 panel test tell the difference between heroin and vicodin, hydromorphone or other opiates?

If taking pre employment 12 panel urine test, can the lab tell the difference between heroin, Norco/Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, or any other opiates?

Is there anything to help with the horrible taste of Suboxone strips?

My son is doing well on Suboxone for his addiction but he hates the taste of the strips. Any suggestions?

I am kicking off heroin and someone gave me methadone to help?

so i just recently stopped doing heroin, and someone told me that methadone could help me get off of it, but i been reading alot of stuff that methadone is a harder drug to get off of. so i just need some advice. i took 30 mg of methadone yesterday, and its been over 24 hours and still no... read more

Has anyone noticed a complete loss of appetite and back acne while taking Suboxone? Please help?

Hello folks..long time Suboxone user. Legal & prescribed. I was on Methadone for about 8 years and heroin for about 8 years before that. I moved to a place where the nearest methadone clinic was 4 hours away! Couldn't do it. A doctor here had mercy on me and gave me Suboxone. I can't... read more

Heroin - how do u know if someone is using?

Methadone and loss of sex drive?

My husband of 44 years of age was an ex heroin addict about 10 years ago, and has been on the methadone program,. He is down to 25mg, and is taking testosterone shots due to his low testosterone level. We just got married on Feb. 12 this year, and have had sex twice since then. We didn't even... read more

I have been on 10mgs of suboxone for 3 months to treat a 13 year methadone/heroin habit, and am?

... having a bit of relief, but the side effects are strange, like a buzzing pressure in my ears. I wonder has anyone else experienced strange side effects while on suboxone?

Diazepam - Can I inject Diazepan probes 5mg?

I inject drugs on a weekly basis, Cocain & Heroin mainly, I have no access to my drugs of choice and the ansiety is killing me, I have Diazepan probes 5mg and want to inject them... can I inject diazepan probes?

Does the blood pressure medication clonidine show up on a urine lab drug test analysis?

Really need to know. I don't have a prescription for it and been taking it for heroin withdrawal. I have a probation drug test in ten days

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