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How long does it really take Dupixent to work?

Posted 13 Sep 2017 by Ranking Gail 1 answer

I am a 54 yr old African-American female who has severe hand & foot eczema for the past 10 years , I also breakout if i am in the sun (was not born with it ... did not have it as a child). Over the years i have tried everything creams, steroids , phototherapy etc etc..nothing worked. My first ...

I recently used a product on my car to neutralize water spots. Now my hands have a bright sheen on?

Posted 6 days ago by Oxhead 0 answers

I'm sure the product had some type of caustic in it. I didn't wear gloves, however a little after I finished my hands looked shriveled up and the palms were bright and shiny . Will this go away or have I permanently scarred my palms. Thanks

Can I cast instead of brace?

Posted 6 days ago by Mommom03 0 answers

I have tenosynovitis of the thumb carpel tunnel syndrome and osteoarthritis in my right hand. I see an orthopedic doctor and he has me in a thumb spica brace long and I wear it all the time except when showering I have worn out two braces already and now my medical coverage will not allow me ...

Feeling like can't breathe even when not anxious?

Posted 11 days ago by Kierann 1 answer

I have felt like this for the last month now it's like I have to force myself to take breaths & breathe into my hand to make sure I am still breathing it feels like this everyday regardless if I'm feeling anxious or not. Can anyone relate is this a symptom of anxiety or not?

Anybody can advise what might be?

Posted 7 days ago by cheethote 0 answers

- difficult to breath, dizzy, neck pain, weak, feet and hands were numb with cold, sometimes unconscious Doctor don't know what happen after general medical check up

Both hands numbness/pain. Along with edema right lower leg?

Posted 7 days ago by jh642160 0 answers

Both of my hands have alternating between sever pain numbness and swelling for more than a week now. Along with the fact i have swelling in my right lower leg with pain when any weight is put on it.. Help! What cam be causing these complications???

How quickly should Benadryl work to counteract a bad reaction to augmentin ?

Posted 15 days ago by Klugger 1 answer

How quickly should Benadryl work to counteract a bad reaction to Augmentin - skin rash, itchy hands and feet, redness in the face?

Doxycycline - I'm scared never had a tick bit before.the Dr put me on doxcycline. I only took about?

Posted 18 days ago by Diane 57633 0 answers

... 5 and had already had a few reactions to it. Such as joint pain and burning in my fingers and hands. And a headache with some other aches and pains as well.and indigestion. So I called the Dr's office and told them that had switch my medicine to amoxicillin.

Gabapentin - My Dr has me on 900mgs 6-7 daily. I have numbness in feet/hands?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Caligurlee 2 answers

My feet and finger tips are numb, my legs give out on me when I'll be walking and I'll fall. I feel very unsteady when I'm walking and it's hard to walk with my feet numb! HELP anyone?!

When to return to work after carpal tunnel surgery?

Posted 17 Oct 2017 by Bk1026 0 answers

It has been seven weeks after carpal tunnel surgery on my dominant hand. I still have pain when lifting things, my job requires a lot of heavy lifting and twisting and bending of my hand and wrist due to being a welder. When should I return back to work

Bupivacaine/Epinephrine - when does bupivacaine wear off?

Posted 7 Oct 2017 by witzami 0 answers

i had carpul tunnel release with local marcaine inject nearly 2 days ago and hand is still numb. is this normal or when will numbness subside?

Clarithromycin - About my ear infection?

Posted 28 Sep 2017 by charlotte ashforth 1 answer

I was told to take amoxicillin for bad ear infection I took that and felt really sick and spaced out quite tight throat and hands bit shakey and ear still bad and gave me some more and same symptoms again but worse so gave me some more and I just feel terrible well I take them I just need to know ...

Fetzima - Anyone experience this?

Posted 7 Oct 2017 by ThereseCup 0 answers

Has anyone experienced this? Numbness and tingling on lips and tongue, hand, arm, foot, all in one side of your body?

If you take 1 100mg of gabapentin at 8:30 pm how soon can you take another one?

Posted 26 Sep 2017 by Leasha9527 0 answers

I'm taking this for carpal tunnel but my nerve is pinched and hand is numb.

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