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Bruising at failed IV spot 2 weeks later?

Posted 2 days 11 hours ago by smexysirwaffle 0 answers

I had surgery a bit over 2 weeks ago on June 2nd. The morning before the surgery a nurse failed to put an IV on the back of my hand before putting it in my arm. I didn't notice anything about my hand until now. It seems like it has bruised but the bruise took the shape of the vein but a lot ...

I am on lithium 450 mg. My hands shake badly. What can I do?

Posted 17 days ago by jdesyoung 2 answers

What can I do to stop my hands and body from shaking. Would Cogentin help? I am currently taking 450 mg. of lithium carb ER Tab. I also can't sleep at night. I'm only getting about 3 hours of sleep a night. What should I do. I can't see my doctor until June 19. He is totally booked. ...

I hurt my wrist 2 months ago and still having severe pain in wrist when using thumb and hand?

Posted 15 days ago by BooBear2010 2 answers

Was working outside doing lawn Carr when I went to dump a wheeler out. Something popped in my wrist area around the thumb. I had an extant done but the result was vague so I'm suppose to get an MRI done. It keeps getting worse and I keep on hurting it. I thought it would get better

What are the side effects from an IV infiltration of ethacrynic acid?

Posted 6 days ago by Georgemollie12 0 answers

The medicine was injected into my hand I would like to know what happens with this infiltration?

I have been taking Topamax 250 for 3 month's now for migraines and it has been making me feel...

Posted 30 May 2017 by Lal01 1 answer

... lost, mean, very moody. I have lost a few people over it. My hands and face feel numb. I dont think its normal my doctor said it just hasn't started kicking in yet. But i think i might just stop taking it in general.

What symptoms differentiate Gout Vs RA?

Posted 20 May 2017 by KellyCunningham2020 2 answers

I have severe swelling in hands, wrist, ankles feet toes, every knuckle in my hand feels like it's on fire, fingers will stiffen and can barely bend, skin is often red , pain started in feet about 3 yrs ago ... chalked it up to Planner Faceitis... now I know it's not PF at all ... my ...

If I have herpetic whitlow on my hand can it spread elsewhere?

Posted 19 days ago by Arichert 0 answers

I get itchy bumps everywhere!

I was on high blood pressure medication 12 years ago, but I still bruse easily?

Posted 2 Jun 2017 by kathy beeston 0 answers

What can I do, eat or take to stop this. It's the top of my hands and arms. Just looks terrible. Bruseing is like flat blood blisters. In food service, sometimes they will bleed I rarely take aspirin or any kind of pain medicine

Carbamazepine - I just started taking this 3 days ago, 200mg once a day at night. In the mornings my

Posted 25 May 2017 by Jaj1 1 answer

... hands are swollen, and burning, face burning, weakness in arms and legs, and extremely thirsty. Any one else have this?

My son had a reaction to potassium cl micro 10meq after just taking it twice - tingling, then...

Posted 31 May 2017 by Marjorie C 0 answers

... numbness of his hands. Dizziness, upset stomach, & felt very groggy. That's all he can remember tonight. He took 1 on a full stomach, each day.

Giant Cell Arteritis - I was just diagnosed with GCA this week and currently in a horrible flare up?

Posted 20 Apr 2017 by militarymom68 3 answers

... How long do these last and how often? Can I expect to be normal again? I cant work or sleep at the moment. My hands, neck, jaw and head hurt severely. I'm on 60 mgs of prednisone and pain meds and muscle relaxers

Why does my pinkie and ring fingers cramped up?

Posted 25 May 2017 by Queencity 0 answers

Im a 31yo female with a somewhat active lifestyle. (Lifting weights, using my hands lots at work). I've had surgery for a tfcc tear on my left wrist 4years ago. My wrist had recovered approximately 90% since. This week I was in the middle of handwriting a lot of pages of notes and suddenly my ...

Having a hard time getting up out of chair?

Posted 9 May 2017 by Cathyr1 2 answers

I have arthritis in my hands and wrists. Also in back,I see a reumtoilgist . I had sciatica in December and also had a miniscus tear in my knee. I got a shot in my back for sciatica, it helped. Tremendously. I then had surgery on my knee for the tear and it's almost well. Since all this ...

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