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Guaifenesin / Pseudoephedrine Questions

We found 2 questions associated with the 'Guaifenesin / Pseudoephedrine' topic.

Guaifenesin/Pseudoephedrine - I am going to be in surgery tomorrow removing a tumor from my breast?

Posted 21 Sep 2009 by terevale14 1 answer

tomorrow I am going to have a little tumor remove from my breast... and I have now congested nose and cough. It would be OK to take Mucinex D to feel better? I can not cancel this surgery

Guaifenesin/Pseudoephedrine - I have been coughing up phelm and now the bakc of my throat is sore?

Posted 29 Jul 2009 by kiwi52 1 answer

... Under my neck like around the gland area and i keep coughing because i'm getting some drainage will this help to clear this mucas that i can feel that clogs up my sinuses that ican't seem to blow anything out of my nose but whne i take my shower the steam helps me to cough up the phelm

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