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Gout Questions

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Does Voltaren Gel work for gout?

What is Proxalin-Plus used for?

Is meloxicam very similar to Celebrex?

My uric acid is 7.0. Is this harmful? How can I control this?

My biochemical test report of uric acid is showing 7.0 and the reference range is between 3.5 to 7.2. Please advise some suggestions to control this?

Is meloxicam helpful in gout treatment?

What drugs are contained in Duzallo?

How much does Zurampic cost?

What is the difference between Andexxa and Praxbind?

Voltaren Gel - Will Voltaren work on the pain of gout?

Can Hydrochlorothiazide increase uric acid and cause gout?

Uric acid level of 9.0 and symtoms of Gout in foot area can the Hydrochlorthiazide (hctz) cause high uric acid and gout.

Gout Attack - What's the best pain med?

Will the combination of allopurinal and colchicine be effective without pegloticase?

Colchicine first doze is 1.2mg followed by 0.6 mg after 12 hours and then once daily at 0.6mg. Allopurinol given at 100mg daily. The combination was intended for severe gout attack. What should be avoided when taking this drug combination?

Tramadol - is this medicin effective for gout?

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