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Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Questions

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Does Gleevec affect a man`s sex life?

Posted 28 Nov 2013 by Graci12 2 answers

I am experiencing massive migraines every morning and they go and go through out the day?

Posted 13 Aug 2013 by Trau82 1 answer

Can someone help. I just started on Gleevec and since then experiencing massive migraines every morning and go throughout the day. As well as the extreme fatigue and nausuea. Any suggestions?

Can gleevec cause heartburn?

Posted 23 Dec 2012 by spence2 1 answer

My husband is on 400 mg of gleevec and every night duriing the night he has terrible reflux -- sometimes during the day but mostly during the night. He eats Tums and is on prescription strengthh Protonix and Prevacid(?). Can the reflux be caused by gleevec

Gleevec - prob w/weight gain but not swelling of feet,ankles,etc... despite watching calorie?

Posted 30 Apr 2011 by Sunshine54 2 answers

Ive gained 18 ponds in just 5 months on Gleevec and it's driving me mad!!! I had surgery for GIST last Oct (2010)... 95%was removed & Gleevec is working well on what was left behind but not without weight gain,muscle ache, major fatigue, & blood counts stabilized after 1st month being ...

Gleevec - I am experiencing a lot of tightness of the skin around the feet and ankle area.It is?

Posted 22 Jul 2011 by MJane 2 answers

... painful to walk after sitting for a while. I am having a small amount of bone pain in the ankle area, especially at night. What can I do to help relieve the discomfort? I also have swelling under the eyes and having hair loss

Is there anything that can lessen the side effects of diarrhea from Gleevec? Not room for?

Posted 17 Dec 2009 by fanatribe266 4 answers

My mom is taking the medicine called gleevec for gastrointestinal stromal tumors. This is the second time around with the drug. The first time she had her tumor removed and it stayed away with the gleevec for five years. A few little tumors came back, (if they ever were completely gone) a few ...

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor - gleevec didn't shrink GIST tumors on adrenal glands.Is there?

Posted 3 Jan 2011 by anted 1 answer

... anything else that can be done besides Sutent?

Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor - Can Imatinib adjuvant treatment be stopped after 1 yr.Gist size?

Posted 11 Sep 2009 by gunvee 2 answers

... 10x11x7 cm, mitotic 05/50 HPF,completely removed surgically,PET scan clear

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