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Florastor Questions

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Florastor - Can I take Florastor and a probiotic at the same time or during the same day?

Posted 9 Mar 2017 by BryansLadyLaura 1 answer

Diarrhea for 3 months now due to lactose intolerance, took a probiotic but I'd like to take Florastor at the same time to get regulated again.

Just took first Florastor before reading fine print and have a ?

Posted 24 Oct 2014 by June Caldwell 1 answer

Inside pamphlet there is a section that I did not pay much attention to which says that if you have a central line and mistakenly insert any of this product, it can cause blood fungal infection. I do not have a central line - I have a port-a-cath which is implanted and is permanent. It is only ...

Im trying to avoid YEAST why and what is vital yeast ?? I was taking this florastor for about 3?

Posted 25 Jan 2014 1 answer

Days until I looked up the ingredients and was shocked that their is yeast in it ! Isn't yeast bad for you Hello ??? They started to make me more bloated and gassy what the heck! Help please what is the best probiotic ???

Florastor - What part of the intestinal tract is this absorbed by? Asking due to the fact that I?

Posted 11 Mar 2014 by Angbret 1 answer

... have an ileostomy and if absorbed in large bowel then it's useless for me to take. Thx in advance for answers

This is more of a comment, regarding risk of yeast infection?

Posted 17 Oct 2013 by bobkat49 1 answer

I took Florastor for 3 months in order to lower the risk of a C diff reinfection. I did fine until last month. I had what I thought was a yeast infection, but the gynecologist said that it wasn't. But within a week of stopping it, the irritation went away. Just FYI

Can Florastor be used at the same time one takes Clindamycin antibiotic?

Posted 14 May 2012 by ProbioticOne 1 answer

Someone I know has to take Clindamycin for a dental problem. I was told by my doctor to always take Florastor whenever taking antibiotics. Florastor is different than all other probiotics. Is there any reason to be cautious in using it?

Florastor - Since when has yeast been classified as bacteria? Yeast is part of the fungi kindom.?

Posted 29 Nov 2012 by Lelenija 3 answers

... This is very unprofessional for such a site

Florastor - will this kill good bacteria as well?

Posted 2 Feb 2012 by night and day 1 answer

My mother is 90,has one UTI after another.Has been on multiple antibiotics. We are at our wits end dealing with this.

My mother is on coumadin - her blood clotting time has increased since taking Florastor. Have any?

Posted 27 May 2011 by elel 1 answer

... of you heard of this before?

I just started taking Florastor yesterday, Ive had 3 pills so far(2 yesterday, one this morning). I?

Posted 11 May 2010 by Jackie0824 1 answer

... have found its causing me to have more loose stools then before. Is this normal,>? I am annoyed.. I had this problem for 6 weeks, then my body sorted resolved itself. I saw gastro dr yesterday, and she recommended Florastor, yet I feel like I was back to have loose stools all day long again. ...

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