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Does Flomax have a shelf life?

Posted 10 Apr 2011 by yogiboo 1 answer

Can Flowmax cause swelling of the lower legs and ankles?

Posted 29 Sep 2010 by Frank Barker 1 answer

I have noticed that both of my lower legs and ankles have begun to swell since starting on Flowmax.

I have been taking flomax for over one year now. I am 69yrs. I see that one of my scoton is?

Posted 29 Dec 2011 by Matole 1 answer

... swelling. Is this one of the side effects? Any advice on swelling of testacles related to flomax?

How long after stopping flomax can i start taking doxazosin ?

Posted 26 Nov 2011 by johnj86327 1 answer

Want to go back to taking doxazosin and quit flomax (taking it for a week) .. i was on 2 mg of dox and they put me on 4 of flomaz.. flomas isn't working and i want to double up on the dosage of doxazosin. when can i do this?

Flomax - I am taking 0.4 miligrams I sit in a wheel chair all. I am having trouble peeing should i?

Posted 26 Feb 2012 by therealET 1 answer

trouble peeing should i increase the dosage whithout my doctors okay?

Kidney stone/8mm prescribed Flomax?

Posted 14 Sep 2009 by MsLoriW 2 answers

I have a larger than normal kidney stone and it's lodged in the narrowest area of the ureter, I have a stent in place to aid in the passage, but it's not working. The ER doctor prescribed Flomax to help the flow of urine and hopefully help pass the stone, but I am reading that it's ...

What is the half-life of Flomax?

Posted 31 May 2010 by Louise30 1 answer

Will Rapaflo stop frequent urination at night?

Posted 10 Aug 2011 by trp2115 1 answer

Before I was taking flomax but I stopped due I got stroke. will rapaflo will help me to stop frequent urinazation during bed time

Who makes flomax?

Posted 5 Apr 2010 by mattie123 2 answers

I'm looking for the manufacturer of Flomax to see if I can get it direct from the company.

I was given Flomax post prostate cancer treatment, 1 year later side affects are worsening?

Posted 18 Dec 2011 by jhlamothe 1 answer

Will i ever be able to stop Flomax or is it a lifetime bid. I also have Hepatitis C could this be a problem?

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