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How will heroin show up in blood test? Will it show opiate or heroin or both?

Posted 29 Aug 2010 by Art1969 1 answer

I take oxy 40s, norco 10/325, hydromorphone(dilaudid) and fentora 600mg which is strong opiate for cancer patients. I do have a script for all these but my question is I do heroin. Will they know I do heroin on blood test or will it show up opiate or will they know I'm doing or will it show up ...

For those on Methadone for chronic pain: What medications work for you for breakthrough pain?

Posted 2 Dec 2010 by ElizaJane23 7 answers

I understand that Methadone is a large molecule and covers the opiate receptors really well, so not much else will work. I've been using Fentora for breakthrough pain, but my doctor doesn't want to prescribe that anymore. One idea is oxycodone - are there other medications that might ...

Have you used fentanyl in any form before?

Posted 29 Mar 2015 by Patriotsoccermom 4 answers

As a chronic pain patient who is allergic to almost every other narcotic available, fentanyl has been a Godsend. I use the patches as my base meds, and have used fentora and fentanyl citrate (actiq lozenges) for breakthrough pain. Yes I have signed all the TIRF forms every year, and both my pain ...

Looking for a pain med doc in San Jose Ca area who would prescribe Duragesic and Fentora?

Posted 13 Aug 2015 by RhondaSB 0 answers

I was dismissed from my last pain management md, pretty much for no reason. I had been going to him for the last 6+ years. I have been in compliance with my meds, although poorly controlled. He always made it clear that didn't like me much and his notes reflected that he didn't believe me ...

Ok, just did my first trial of Subsys and had NO RELIEF. At all :( My doc finally had me spray 3?

Posted 23 Dec 2012 by cupcake7667 3 answers

... individual sprays at once. NO DIFFERNT THAN ONE :(. Who has found this helpful for breakthrough pain? I tried fentora and got more relief from that. Now thinking of going to Actiq... who has had success with Subsys and is anyone on Actiq?

Hi. I am new this to group. I have been diagnosed with the"worst case of fibro" my pain doc has seen

Posted 12 Dec 2012 by cupcake7667 2 answers

Anyway, I am 36 years old, was diagnosed 5 years ago after a traumatic spinal surgery where I coded and nearly lost my life. This surgery has been repeated two more times. I know that 75% of fibromites are female with a neck injury. I am on the highest dosage of meds that I can be. We have played ...

Fentora - why can't you disvolve Fentoa under your tongue?

Posted 19 Aug 2012 by bonediggr66 3 answers

I am a 46 year old female. I have been on pain meds so long and i am very tolerate to them. I have throat cancer. My pain doc has me on 250 mcg' s of fentanly patches every 72 hrs. I am also on morphine 30 mg up to eight times a day, the doc put me on fentora last of my questions ...

Ins. Company says no more Fentora?

Posted 28 Apr 2010 by LissaNC 3 answers

I have degenerative bone disease, broken vertebrae's & multi.operations. I was on Fentanyl patch 100mcq every 24hrs. Just got changed to Opana ER 30 in am & 40mg in PM plus 80mg total of methadone per day. I've only been on Opana ER for a month, like the fact that I don't ...

Back Pain - Is it true that Fentora is only prescribed for people with stage 4 cancer?

Posted 27 Feb 2010 by christineATU 1 answer

I know you have to have a high tolerance for strong (opiate) pain medication. I also know it isn't used for acute pain, obviously. What type of medication is Fentora and how is it normally "delivered" in to your system? I heard it is a tablet that dissolves under your tongue. Also, ...

Will someone please explain what FENTORA is?

Posted 4 Mar 2010 by christineATU 2 answers

and exactly how it is delivered in to your system? Is there a drug comparable to it?

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