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Is it normal to get extremely tired from Cymbalta?

Exhaustion to point of sleeping most of day even though i take the medication around 5 pm in evening

Hi Gang, Anyone had success with Tegretol for neuropathic pain? Neurologist prescribed this for me?

and I feel a bit leery about it, there are just SO many side effects! And some really scary ones at that. I've been feeling exhausted lately, will Tegretol just exacerbate my exhaustion? I used to be a very high energy person, but no longer, much to my chagrin! My energy has taken off with my... read more

What's the Difference Between Diverticulitis, Diverticulosis & Diverticula?

I recently went for a colonoscopy, and an upper endoscopy. My PCP panicked, and I went to a different gastro Doc than I usually do. I've been going for these for about 36 years and they always find a small polyp and remove it. I also have IBS and in me it takes the form of spasms of diarrhea.... read more

What is a high blood sugar level?

I'm pretty sure this was the A1C test. I know it has to be done again. The # was 121. Just how high is that? Is it "watch it high". Start meds High. I guess it's not panic high. My better Doc hasn't seen it yet. The Doc who saw it simply said try to get more exercise, and... read more

Viibryd - I’m having extreme lethargy, no motivation, and brain fog. It’s my second week on?

... Viibryd and I’m at 20mg. My doc has suggested that I should not go above 20mg. My anxiety has dramatically decreased and I can say that I’m no longer majorly depressed. But the exhaustion and lack of motivation is a bit concerning for me. Has anyone else experienced this? Does it go... read more

Lexapro - will it help or make my anxiety/panic disorder worse?

I have anxiety disorder and have tried many different prescriptions over the years, usually giving up because of extreme exhaustion and weight gain, only to go back to try new medications. The only one I found to have worked for me was Xanax however since my doctor doesn't want me to use it... read more

Has anyone had side effects from tetanus vaccine?

I had the shot 2 months ago, felt lightheaded and foggy within minutes, it's been down hill ever since... weakness, exhaustion, vibrating in legs and neck area, buzzing in my head, and confusion. Today I became very emotional, sobbing, not like me at all. Dr. sent me for bloodwork, waiting for... read more

Is a side effect of arimidex extreme exhaustion?

i have been on arimidex for 1 year and have start feeling achy all over and experience extreme exhaustiong for several months. i am aware of aches and pains as a side effect but should i feel so exhausted all of the time?

How do I wean myself off Verapamil 120 ER ?

This drug appears to hit me around 1 PM every day causing extreme exhaustion. I wind up sleeping for 1 to 2 hours every afternoon and still feel like crap. My blood pressure seems to get too low. Last week it read 130something over 62.

Dealing with insomnia on Lexapro?

I've been on Lexapro for almost four weeks now. The first week was rough with insomnia, jitters, exhaustion, etc. Once I hit week two all of that went away and I was getting the best sleep of my life. Now all of a sudden in the last week the insomnia has returned and I'm only getting a... read more

Does Prozac cause exhaustion, weakness?

I’m on day 10 of Prozac 20mg and 0.5mg clonazepam twice a day. After I try to do chores or recumbent exercise bike (30min) I get very weak and exhausted and have to lie down again. Is this a side effect of the meds? It scares me as I’ve always worked hard and exercised.

Sertraline - 25 years on Zoloft. Between 25mg and 50 mg. Been on it too long.

To much exhaustion and I sleep 2 1/2 hours every afternoon.I have no energy and am very med sensitive. How do I get off this?

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