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Is it normal to get extremely tired from Cymbalta?

Posted 18 Jan 2017 by Wendyt95 13 answers

Exhaustion to point of sleeping most of day even though i take the medication around 5 pm in evening

Zoloft 37.5mg and exhausted?

Posted 27 Jun 2018 by crazygirl66 1 answer

I know I’ve asked this before but I’m hoping someone out there is on Zoloft & the exhaustion went away. I’ve been taking at 4pm, I’m going to try taking it at 7-8pm. This does seem to be helping my depression. I’ve already tried Wellbutrin, Effexor & Pristiq ...

I just started taking levothyroxine 25mg for my recently diagnosed hypothyroidism. Will it help?

Posted 29 May 2018 by heidiherl0174 0 answers

the weight gain? I am gaining weight by the day. How long will it take for me to get my energy back? Is the hair loss common? Is it a lot? How long does it take while on medication feel & look like myself?

How to help exhaustion on Zoloft 37.5mg?

Posted 5 Jun 2018 by crazygirl66 0 answers

Taking 37.5 mg Zoloft in the morning & I’m exhausted all day! Was on 25mg until 3 days ago , I was also tired then. Does anyone take it at dinner or bedtime & feel more awake during the day??? I’ve been taking this med for a month now . So far it’s the only on that seems ...

Zoloft 25mg for 10 days & exhaustion?

Posted 21 May 2018 by crazygirl66 1 answer

Hi, My pdoc put me on Zoloft 25mg to start as I’m very sensitive to meds. I think I do have a little less depression but my anxiety may be slightly up but is tollerable. I’ve only been taking it for 12 days. I’m taking it in the morning as I’ve read that’s the best ...

Can taking Cymbalta and citalopram together cause exhaustion and confusion?

Posted 5 May 2018 by Robin and Bluebird 2 answers

My doctor stopped the citalopram and substituted Cymbalta but I got confused and have been taking both. i am tired and feel confused at times. I am 86 years old

Any one experience exhaustion on lithium and Trileptal?

Posted 2 Feb 2018 by Concat5 1 answer

I am bipolar 2, take 900mg lithium and 600 mg Trileptal with 5 mg Trintellix to help w endless depression. I feel brain fog, and have gained weight, 10lbs (I'm 5'2).I can't focus . I have tried Lamictal, this is super agitating, as are many atypical antipsychotics. Advice, ...

Hi, I have been on Contrave for the last three weeks. I feel like I am getting every single?

Posted 21 Aug 2017 by Rimbaud810 1 answer

... symptom! I sometimes get the stomach pains, tiredness, shaking, exhaustion, and the mental fog. However, the pill is really taking away all my obsessive thoughts about food. I am feeling really empty though. It is like I don't know what to look forward to without food! I eat when I take ...

How much schisandra tincture for chronic ms fatigue please?

Posted 22 Oct 2017 by Katie 1234 0 answers

Chronic ms fatigue. Simply crash after little effort. I'm limited in my daily activities because of fatigue. I cannot exercise due to exhaustion. I take vit d ,magnesium, vit k2,fish oils and schisandra. I'm still exhausted on a daily basis. It affects my gait and balance thus causing ...

Does anyone else have problems from heat exhaustion or passing out? As I work outside?

Posted 15 Aug 2017 by Chasa72 0 answers

And have never had this much trouble. Just wasn't sure if it was this or baclofen.

Is a side effect of arimidex extreme exhaustion?

Posted 3 Mar 2014 by cleareyes 2 answers

i have been on arimidex for 1 year and have start feeling achy all over and experience extreme exhaustiong for several months. i am aware of aches and pains as a side effect but should i feel so exhausted all of the time?

Metoprolol - Exhaustion from blood pressure pills?

Posted 30 Apr 2017 by Ksauce 0 answers

I just started taking lisinopril 5 mg and Metoprolol 25 mg a week ago. My blood pressure is normal and so is my heart rate why am I so tired and exhausted to the point I can't function

Permanent fatigue/ exhaustion symptoms?

Posted 18 Apr 2017 by uytrewqzx 0 answers

Here's a complex case. I started getting unwell 6 months ago. Heavy legs, burning sensation in muscles, aches the type of feeling you would get after a marathon. This then progressed into complete exercise intolerance to the point where i get exhausted going shopping. I am often getting dizzy, ...

Depression, anemia, actual exhaustion, or just lazy?

Posted 3 Dec 2016 by Courtk313 1 answer

So lately, as in the past week or two I have had no energy. I was once told I was borderline anemic. I am on my feet running around my job 8 hours a day 5 days a week. I am 20 and female. Also I am vegetarian. And as much as I hate to admit it I don't do the best with taking my vitamins nor do ...

What kind of effect is increasing the dosage of Effexor supposed to have on you?

Posted 2 Dec 2016 by Cuppasoup 1 answer

I am a college student and my doctor prescribed Effexor to me to help with both ADHD and Depression. I started out over the summer with a dose of 37.5and then increased it to 75mg. I have recently increased the dosage again because it was helping but I was still very anxious. I was constantly ...

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