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Evamist Questions

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What can be used while Evamist spray is unavailable?

Posted 8 Aug 2018 by Healthy Woman 5 answers

I have been using Evamist spray for many years, but it has recently become unavailable. What would be similar to use in the meantime? Thanks

Can Evamist cause weight gain?

Posted 2 Aug 2010 by MinnesotaMom 2 answers

What about weight gain while using Evamist? I feel really "thick" around my mid-section. I'm not new to menopause - started at 45 and am now 58 - so I know about weight gain but this is different. I've started exercising more and eating less, especially at night, so I'm ...

Does Evamist cause weight gain?

Posted 31 May 2011 by jamie07 1 answer

I looked on line but didn't see weight gain as a side effect. I'm 59 and went through menopause 10 years ago. I understand the weight gain associated with menopause and was seeing some weight loss due to eating better and getting more exercise but started Evamist 45 days ago and the ...

Divigel - I have a sharp pain in my right chest/breast area, is this a side effect?

Posted 27 Nov 2011 by jambalee 1 answer

I tried Evamist and thought I was having gall bladder attack. I've only used Divigel 3times

Can you develop a skin rash from using evamist?

Posted 11 Oct 2012 by cp6894 2 answers

I have had a lot of weight gain while using prempro?

Posted 21 Oct 2009 by nana227 1 answer

Is weight gain a side effect of prempro and if so will this subside if I switch to evamist ?

Is the estradiol in the Climara patch plant- or animal-based?

Posted 4 Feb 2011 by razzamatazz 1 answer

The Evamist spray does not seem to be working for me even though I've been using the highest recommended dose for about 2 months now. I primarily suffer from night sweats which interupt my sleep. I used the Climara patch (samples supplied by my doctor) in the past and it worked fine, but I was ...

How long does it take to get Evamist out of your system?

Posted 29 Jun 2010 by daston47 1 answer

It has made me very sick so I quit. How long before it is out of my system. Please somebody have an answer I can not handle much longer.

How long does it take Evamist to work?

Posted 3 Apr 2011 by sanminson 1 answer

Ive been on it for 10 days and have seen no results. Im still getting severe night sweats. was just wondering when I should feel some relief

1 yr now in menopause. taking evamist and prometrium. weight gain of 10 lbs so far?

Posted 20 Oct 2011 by elizabeth.beck 1 answer

i am not eating more, i exercise alot, but can't control this and im getting depressed about it. has anyone experienced this with these HRT's?

Can I take Estroven while using Evamist?

Posted 3 Nov 2012 by laurielou666 1 answer

Any other person have muscle aches with evamist?

Posted 9 Jul 2012 by msdouet 1 answer

I had hysterectomy 3 weeks ago had allergic skin reaction to climara so i was started on evamist and having trouble with muscle aches since. Not sure if i need to up dose or if its just not for me. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. Currently using one spray a day.

What company manufactures Evamist as of 12/25/2014?

Posted 25 Dec 2014 by SharBear69 1 answer

I keep finding information telling me about one company sold out to another company and then to another company. Who exactly is the manufacturing pharmaceutical company for Evamist Spray. My doctor wants me to start taking this for hot flashes, but it is really expensive and I want to see if the ...

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