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How long does it take for provera to work to stop uterine bleeding?

Posted 30 Jun 2011 by queenE 5 answers

I am 23 yo and was prescribed 10 mg of provera for 7 days to stop the bleeding and then take a pap smear. I had no menstrual periods with some dryness for at least 3 months and then started spotting about 5 months ago so I went to the doctor. My last pill was a week ago and 3 days later I started ...

Anyone suffering from one or both Endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome???

Posted 9 May 2013 by PurpleButterfies 17 answers

I would really love to hear from anyone who has experienced BOTH endometriosis AND Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, but if someone has experienced just one, I would like to hear their thoughts too. I have been diagnosed with both and am having a hard time deciding, understanding, which to receive the ...

Lupron Depot - Why am I having my period when I had a depot lupron shot?

Posted 22 Jan 2012 by jjmj 1 answer

On Dec. 29th, 2011 I had what I thought would be my last period for awhile. It was heavy for about 5 days. I received the Depot Lupron shot on Jan 5th. After the 5 days of my period, I contintued to spot up until January 11th. Once I quit spotting, I thought I would not have my period again until ...

Depo-Provera - Has anyone else experienced blood clots during there period while on the Depo Shot.?

Posted 5 Apr 2017 by Cottoncandy2119 1 answer

... I've been on the shot since Oct 2016. Just had my 3rd shot last week. My period before was very very heavy. Now on the shot they are light, lightier than I have seen in like never... I'm not use to having light cycles. I'm use to wearing the thickest, longest pads. Changing them ...

Does the Depo shot cause liver problems?

Posted 2 days 17 hours ago by Dovebyrd16 1 answer

I was told I have cirrhosis of the liver and now they said I can't use Depo now that has been the only thing that's helped my pain from endometriosis is this true

Need help for endometriosis alternative treatment to instead of IVF?

Posted 4 days ago by wahearne 1 answer

After 2 surgeries, 2 HSG’s, blocked tube diagnosis and getting told IVF is my only option... IVF is costly for me and i don't want to take any surgery too. So,what's endometriosis alternative treatment to instead of IVF ? Thanks !

What does endometriosis herbal treatment mean?

Posted 6 days ago by wahearne 0 answers

How do l cure my endermerisos ? I am losing too much blood,the endometriosis has been with me for some years now. I have had 1st and 2nd surgery,but the symptoms always goes and comes and cant be cured effective. I searched online about endometriosis treatment,i noticed a article share a ...

I have taken medroxyprogesterone 10mg x10 days every three months for years.

Posted 18 Mar 2018 by stressed123456 1 answer

I've been taking a 10mg dose of medroxyprogesterone for 10 days every three months or so as prescribed by my doctor a few years ago. I recently did another set of 10 days, and had protected sex (condom, I cannot take birth control) on the fourth day, and now six days after finishing the ...

What are endometriosis alternative treatments?

Posted 20 Apr 2018 by wkatrinany 1 answer

My best friend has endometriosis for 3 years, and had undergone two laparoscopy surgeries,but she was still not be cured.I have heard about Fuyan pill on the internet,will this medicine help my friend to cure endometriosis completely ? how many months of treatment is required ? I'm from USA, ...

Need suggestions on endometriosis remedies?

Posted 26 Apr 2018 by wkatrinany 0 answers

I'm not OK now... heavy flow during my period then bleeding abdominal and pelvic heaviness and i felt severe abdominal pain before and after period and recently,i also felt painful intercourse and lower back pain,so How can I cure endometriosis ? I need suggestions on Endometriosis Remedies ? ...

Does sprintec help breast growth?

Posted 25 Aug 2010 by yellowpen 1 answer

i am 15 just started taking sprintec a few days ago my doctor recomended it for my acne and my periods. i have read alot of negative comments saying it causes yeast infections which worries me because i have never had one before.. i want larger breasts and have heard birthcontrol makes them bigger. ...

I'm I the only one that has severe cramping and pain during period while on Depo Provera Shot?

Posted 7 Mar 2018 by Cottoncandy2119 1 answer

I can't be the only one that suffers from severe cramping and pain during my period while on the Depo Provera Shot. I mean the cramps and pain is unbearable. And it's not just on the 1st day, it's every day of my period. And they can go any where from 8-14 days even on the Depo shot. ...

Levlen - Will my body settle in to the pill? I have had very bad side affects lately?

Posted 5 Apr 2018 by M9648 0 answers

I was on levlen when I was about 16, and was all fine. I’m almost 22 and I’ve just recently gone back on it because I get excruciating period cramps to the point I can barley walk, I cry and I throw up. it’s been nearly two months now and I have horrible skin. So many break outs ...

Lupron Depot - Lupron while raising a family?

Posted 3 Apr 2018 by tbwhit2 0 answers

My doctor has suggested that I do 3-6 months of Lupron followed by the Mirena. I had surgery six weeks ago to remove a grapefruit sized cyst as well as my right ovary and tube. My doctor said that my endometriosis is very severe. The negative reviews/side effects have me terrified. I have three ...

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