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Encephalopathy Questions

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Wernicke's Encephalopathy - My husband has been a chronic alcohol abuser for over50 years. He had a?

Posted 2 Oct 2012 by dlallmine 4 answers

major medical event that took 6 months of this year for him to get through, 3 surgeries and with an ileostomy. He went through the DTs and dilerium and it unmasked his encephalopathy,. Some of it has gotten better, but a lot of it is here to stay. He takes Thiamine regularly and so far has stayed ...

My wife has been diagnosed with flagyl induced encephalopathy by MRI, who can help.. what's next?

Posted 25 May 2013 by flagylangry 3 answers

She has large abnormalities of the dentate nuclei, severe neuropathy in her legs, hallucinations, vertigo, confusion, and a whole lot more... how long will this last?

Which of these drugs worsen hepatic encephalopathy from Hepatitis B & C & are there alternatives?

Posted 13 May 2013 by melitow 1 answer

My mom has hepatic encephalopathy and cirrhosis of the liver from past drinking/drug use and hepatitis B & C. She also has high cholesterol, blood pressure, coronary artery disease, cardiac stints, anemia (from liver), distended gallbladder, splenomegaly, 2 feet of extended large colon which ...

Male partner has many episodes of Hepatic Encephalopathy. Inappropriate behavior is it common?

Posted 23 Oct 2013 by nikkirr 2 answers

He has strong sexual urges (porn, masturbation, etc). Is this common? Does anyone out there experience this with their partner? If so, how do you deal with it?

Is the mental impairment from hepatic encephalopathy permenent?

Posted 23 Jul 2014 by allycatt 2 answers

many of my husband's memories have been altered and he believes that I'm trying to harm him. simple things confuse him and when I try to explain things he gets very angry and refuses to discuss it further.

I suffer from hepatic encephalopathy cirrhosis?

Posted 19 Oct 2014 by epilive 2 answers

I had to have the emergency Warren shunt surgery done in 1996. 5 years ago I started having encephalopathy episodes. I've been on the transplant list 12 yrs now. Is transplant the only cure? I take Lactulose 6 x day.

Wernicke's Encephalopathy?

Posted 2 Nov 2014 by soph93 1 answer

Hiya, I don't actually have this but my mum died of this last year and I don't really understand it, I get about thiamine and that but not completely, it was all so sudden, loss of speech, then coma on life support and then gone, I'd appreciate as much insight as possible and hope it ...

Cirrhosis - May I ask a specialist information? My brother surfaced with stage 4, showing all?

Posted 27 Nov 2014 by Jenmcdan 2 answers

... sx-ascities, jaundice, bleeding "ulcers" and encephalopathy. Given moderate palliative care, can you estimate how long until he dies. Thank you

Wernicke's Encephalopathy - Wondering on the prognosis of wernickes encephalopathy down the road.?

Posted 15 Jun 2015 by punky49 1 answer

... My dad has this and we are on day 80 of intensive care. He has almost no short term memory and the part of the brain that deals with coughing was also affected so we are having serious respiratory issues, he now has a trach. Everyone just keeps saying he needs more time but the reality is that ...

Can clonidine be used with xifaxan 550 mg?

Posted 27 Apr 2013 by steph56 1 answer

My husband has hepatic encephalopathy and between the disease and the meds for it,he suffers rages and very high anxiety,is this a safe drug to calm him down. He took lorazepam for years which actually fed the ammonia in the brain so he is a little afraid to take something new. He also takes ...

Wernicke's Encephalopathy - Hi husband was diagnosed with wernickes encephalopathy 5 months

Posted 13 Jan 2016 by poggla 1 answer

... ago... due to thiamin deficiency whilst detoxing from alcohol... Spent 12 days in hospital with 21 bags of iv pabrinex... he's left with ataxia which mainly affects his speech and his mobility... He can only walk with a 3 wheeler... and his symtoms go up and down depending on if he does ...

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