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Emgality Questions

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What are the new drugs for the treatment of migraines?

Emgality vs Aimovig - how do they compare?

Does Emgality cause weight gain?

Does Emgality cause hair loss?

Does Emgality raise blood pressure?

How long does it take for Emgality to work?

Do Emgality injections hurt?

Ubrelvy vs Emgality: How do they compare for migraines?

How does Emgality work?

Does injecting Emgality cause a reaction?

What type of drug is Ajovy?

What type of drug is Emgality?

How long before stomach issues truly resolve once you stop Aimovig?

I took Aimovig 70mg for 5 months. I am now on Emgality. How long after you stopped taking Aimovig before your constipation/stomach issues began to resolve? I know it can stay in your system for 120 days, but I would think as it’s strength diminishes my constipation should also get better?... read more

Does the combination of my medicines have any bad side effects?

I take Xyrem, modafinil, methylphenidate, Claritin D, Singular, pantoprazole, spironolactone, Lyrica, Cymbalta, sumatriptan as needed, Zofran as needed, Trulance, diclofenac, and Emgality injection. Would taking any of these together give me side effects? I’m trying to figure out if some of... read more

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