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Drug Dependence Questions

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Can tramadol get you high like opiates?

Posted 17 Sep 2010 by legolas 34 answers

Should I leave my husband because of his drug addiction?

Posted 19 Jan 2012 by mm2012 19 answers

I have been with my husband for over years, married for one year. Together we have two small children and one on the way but as of lately I cannot deal with the stress anymore. I keep thinking that the addiction will get better and one day he will change ans become a better person. He does things ...

Foil w/burned residue, no pot smell. Is it meth? Son uses X (methbased), DXM, pot. Says foil for pot

Posted 10 Dec 2009 by HappierDays 7 answers

Trying to determine if my son was smoking meth off of foil. What would burned meth residue look like? He claims he was smoking pot from foil, but he has papers for rolling joints. He acted like he was on meth, but claims it was the X that he was ingesting and snorting. He supposedly has made all of ...

Has anyone had any dependance issue 's with diphenhydramine use?

Posted 11 Oct 2013 by whitneylove92 18 answers

I enjoyed the sedation and excitability that occurred. .. So I started to take it a lot. Basically abusing it. And now I cant get off of it because I do experience withdrawal when I don't take it. What should I do?? And is is common?

Is tramadol a controlled substance?

Posted 3 Nov 2012 by toule france 10 answers

Pregnancy - 5-12 NORCO 10/325 a day while pregnant! Please reassure me! I am 8-12 weeks along?

Posted 29 Jan 2013 by And702 5 answers

... JUST found out in pregnant, I was completely clean off everything in the month (I'm guessing) I got pregnant (still waiting to for sonogram), but before I knew I was expecting, there was 3-4 weeks I was consistently taking 5-12 a day, along with smoking 1/2 a pack of cigarettes... I'm ...

How much ativan ( lorazepam) can be fatal? My friend is on it and I'm worried?

Posted 17 May 2011 by Ray88 3 answers

She is 23 and she has been through prior opiate addictions and I worry because she seems depressed.

Is zoloft addictive or a narcotic?

Posted 9 Dec 2011 by samarsh 3 answers

I have a drug addiction and I am in recovery the doctor I went and saw prescribed it to me and he said it wasn't but the feeling I get wen I take them gets me high is the doc rite or is he a quack?

What is the difference between Methadone and Suboxone?

Posted 13 Feb 2010 by 5 answers

The reason I ask that is because I have never heard of Suboxone but I iknow alot about Methadone. I know Methadone can be used for pain relieving or for opiate withdrawals. How long has these other drugs been available? Do both drugs have the same ingredients in general? Which one has the highest ...

My grandson is on drugs. He is awake for 2 days or more?

Posted 22 Dec 2014 by tymbur 4 answers

I am not up on the drugs these kids r taking. Does anyone have an idea of what he could be taking. I want to help him, but am dumb when it comes to these drugs. Thanks for any info.

I dont mean to sound like I am feeling sorry for myself, because I know people out there have it?

Posted 22 Sep 2011 by annatfultz 17 answers

Worse than me. so deeply depressed. I don't know how to handle it. I have got myself in a bit of a mess and can't climb out. Since I got sick a few years ago and couldn't hang out or watch their kids, my friends have turned their backs on me. Maybe I am boring, but I just need ...

When someone is high on Xanax, how do they act, what are the signs?

Posted 6 Apr 2010 by Liz32 2 answers

I need to know because I fear my daughter has been abusing them.

Anyone going through withdrawl nightmares ?

Posted 10 May 2010 by nikicole1986 15 answers

Son n-law on methadon & caught him w/adderal & needle, can he b shooting up?

Posted 27 Oct 2009 by DadsWatchinU 17 answers

Can he really be shooting up these 30 mg extended relief caps, and how the heck did he do that with them little ballls in that capsuel?? My daughter in-law caught him in the bathroom with the needle and the capsule open with a string to tie around his arm. What dose he do with that capsuel?? I ask ...

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