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Diplopia Questions

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I have started to develop double vision when I look at objects up close. I Have to close my?

Posted 25 Aug 2016 by Asher5 1 answer

Left eye to even see what I'm doing.

My husband has double vision, blurry vision and confusion after being on Losartan 1 week. his?

Posted 22 Jun 2016 by gypsyqueen115 0 answers

... mental clarity is returning but the vision problem remains. We have seen an opthamologist .Will his vision return to normal and if so how long will this take Thank you

I was prescribed prism glasses after several examinations. I has caratact surgery on my LEFT eye a?

Posted 20 May 2016 by kjracer1 0 answers

and continued having difficulries with double vision and added nausea and a steady minor headache. Upon returning to the doctor, the tolf me the prism was put in the RIGHT lens. WhenI questioned that I was told my LEFT eye was the problem and the lend was to go there... the Doctor told me that it ...

Has one anyone have optic neuritis from taking Enbrel?

Posted 12 Mar 2016 by Loalegria 0 answers

I have a RA 9 mouths ago I started having blurred, double vision headaches and pain in left eye movement

Multiple Sclerosis - Last September (2014) I had two seizures. I'm 51, never had then b4. The drs?

Posted 5 Jan 2016 by RenaD 1 answer

... said they thought it was the high dosage of wellbutrin I was talking. Since I've had blurry vision, double vision, I have fibro, and the pain is sometimes unbearable. Migraines have also gotten worse and more frequent. I've been to 3 neurologists, 1 diagnosing MS, one disagreeing with ...

Should I suddenly stop lamictal?

Posted 12 Nov 2015 by ape67 2 answers

My doctor has been increasing my dose of lamictal for 4 weeks now yesterday I went to 100 mg. About an hour later I had blurry and double vision called doctor he said he would call me back, he never did until this morning when I woke up with swollen taste buds,itchy skin, cold sores and the chills. ...

I have developed double vision after a 9 week intravenous prescription of Daptomycin for a post?

Posted 23 Oct 2015 by pweed-wolnick 1 answer

... quadruple by-pass Staph-induced Bone infection. Info. I have read says "blurred" vision is a common side effect. What about a side effect of double vision?

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