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Diamox Sequels Questions

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Can Cosopt, Alphagan or Diamox cause sinus bradycardia or AV block, what can I expect now?

Posted 5 Mar 2012 by jcmollie 2 answers

I had used Alphagan - Brimonidine ophthalmic drops, an alpha adrenergic agonists with Cosopt, which has Timolol ophthalmic a Beta-blocker / Beta-adrenergic blocking agent which also includes Dorzolamide, a sulfonamide and Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor and Diamox Sequels 250mg Tablets an ...

Diamox - has anyone experienced intestinal pain especially at night while on this.

Posted 8 Aug 2012 by dia-moxie 2 answers

Taking 500 mg/day diamox sequels for IIH for about 1 yr. Lately experiencing intestinal pain with gas production typically waking me from sleep and lasting about 4-5 hrs. Lots of nausea reports with Diamox, but have not seen intestinal pain reported. Anyone else taking Diamox experiencing this?

MY MOM is currently taken FUROSEMIDE (lasix) 20 mg once a day for congestive heart failure?

Posted 26 Aug 2009 by PollyandMarilyn 1 answer

She has Glaucoma and now her eye Doctor has prescribed Diamox 500 mg twice a day. Should she be taking both and isn't this risky as far as dehydration to water loss? Also, I know this makes the potassium levels go down. Are bananas okay or should she take a potassium supplement. I also know ...

Diamox Sequels -why am I having trouble finding this, how can I contact the drug company?

Posted 5 Apr 2011 by mominneed636 3 answers

My daughter has a very rare movement disorder and has to have Diamox 500 to be able to even walk. The generic form is not working for her, why am I having so many problems finding this drug for her now??? She is becoming bedridden!! What do I do??

Who do I contact to request help from drug companies for Diamox Sequel and Topamax? I have PTC?

Posted 1 Oct 2009 by firehawker 1 answer

I was diagnosed with PseudoTumor Cerebri with Glaucoma Oct 1998. I am currently unemployed, no health insurance, and out of medications for 3 months now. My medications cost me around $2000 per month without health insurance. The NC Dept of Human Services has not been able to help me because I own ...

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