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Diabetes Insipidus Questions

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Can Hydrochlorothiazide increase uric acid and cause gout?

Posted 28 May 2012 4 answers

Uric acid level of 9.0 and symtoms of Gout in foot area can the Hydrochlorthiazide (hctz) cause high uric acid and gout.

I take nasal spray Desmopressin for CDI. How do I assess if I'm reacting to the preservatives in t?

Posted 3 days ago 1 answer

I have headaches, & over past year nausea / gastro problems. I was doing 2 sprays per night. Now I am taking one spray per night. I have been feeling unwell for over a year. Diabetes Insipidus support is hard to find !

Can I drink alcohol with diabetes insipidus?

Posted 31 Dec 2015 5 answers

I have diabetes insipidus and I have heard rumors that you can't drink alcohol with DI and honestly I want to be able to drink. Can anyone fill me in with some info on this?

Dosage for Minirin melt 120 mcg?

Posted 30 Apr 2011 1 answer

I am a patient with cranical in. diabetes from 1996. My usual dosage of nasal spray was 0,4 ml divided in two doses (morning-night). Now i get Minirin melt 120 mcg what is the equal dosage i get 3x 120mcg in a day(morning- noon-night) and i am not ok as with nasal spray thanks P.

How does the mechanism by which diuresis occurs with diabetes insipidus differ from that which occu?

Posted 27 May 2015 1 answer

How does the mechanism by which diuresis occurs with diabetes insipidus differ from that which occurs in diabetes mellitus?

Diabetes Insipidus - Hello..7 months ago I was diagnosed with insipidus diabetes. I m just going to?

Posted 28 Dec 2016 3 answers

... put it like this... I know more about insipidus diabetes than my "specialist". Do I get frustrated.. Yes.. I can't get answers. Nobody understands me. Its already to a point that my family members tell me go drink water somewhere else. Sometimes I just want to get the gallon of ...

Does Desmopressin affect blood pressure?

Posted 7 Feb 2013 2 answers

Taking DDAVP through rhinal tube for "possible" diabetes insipidus... I void way more urine (2 to 3x as much) than I drink fluids/eat watery foods, and void frequently (also under treatment for OAB). DDAVP slows down the frequency/volume but after a few days on it, my blood pressure ...

Can you get drunk if you have Diabetes Insipidus?

Posted 24 Jan 2014 2 answers

Hi, I have DI and I was wondering if I can get drunk? I've consumed smaller amounts of alcohol, knowing it can mess with my desmopression, but it's had no effect. I've heard that if you have DI you are either extremely sensitive to alcohol or not bothered at all. Any help is ...

Furosemide - Is furosimide used to treat diabetes insipidus?

Posted 12 Mar 2014 2 answers

My husband has also had surgery on his prostate and has other medical problems and is on alot of meds.

Switched from nasal spray to pill form of desmopressin, is it comparable?

Posted 4 Aug 2016 3 answers

Been on nasal spray, .01%, for 27 years with no problems & was prescribed pill form of 0.2 and told to split them in half, take one at night. My question is will a half pill give me 24 hrs protection, when I previously took one spray twice a day. The pills don't come in lighter dosage, am ...

Diabetes Insipidus - My required dosage of desmopressin has changed?

Posted 28 Aug 2018 2 answers

I was diagnosed about a year ago with idiopathic Central DI. Initially I was taking 3 doses of 0.1mg per day manage. Each does lasting around 8 hours or so. About 7 months ago the duration dropped off and I required 0.2mg per dose to last about 8 hours. My endocrinologist said this was normal and ...

Diabetes Insipidus - How often do you use the DDAVP spray to control voiding. And how many sprays?

Posted 3 Feb 2010 3 answers

... do you use. I have never been able to get on a schedule and have to deal the problem of low sodium occuring which is very troublesome. thank you

Does anyone have a bad reaction with desmopressin or DDAVP?

Posted 2 May 2012 1 answer

I am trying to take desmopressin or DDAVP, for Diabetes Insipidus. Only on half recomended dose,as I cannot take the full dose,but I also take gliclazide for sugar diabetes. I have had a bad reaction in my joints and muscles, has any one else had this, I take BP meds and meds for joint probs.

Diabetes Insipidus - Can you safely have a colonoscopy if you have DI?

Posted 18 Oct 2012 1 answer

Hi My endocrinologist said that the prep work may make my sodium levels too low. This is because, as you know, I have to take my medicine to absorb any liquid. So when you prepare the colonoscopy you need to drink a lot of liquid. My endocrinologist is concerned that my kidneys will work to absorb ...

Desmopressin - Anyone experience Migraines while on DDAVP?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 1 answer

I've been on this pill for over 10 years, and I didn't at first get migraines. But now I get them so bad! This pill says it can cause headaches. So I was wondering does anyone else get migraines or bad headaches? Also, does anyone else have sensitivity to light or smells?

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