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Dermatologic Lesion Questions

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I found a prescription for Valtrex in my boyfriend's name. We've been together for several months &?

Posted 11 Sep 2009 by wcmiller 5 answers

... I've never noticed any warts or genital sores, & He "Claims" his dermatologist prescribed it for his face! He doesn't get cold sores or shingles. And I Do know he's said he's had achne problems in the past. I think I May have seen some sort of dry ...

I use Zinc Oxide Cream daily on my face (diaper rash cream) ~ any danger to that on the long term?

Posted 20 Apr 2010 by mirjam 1 answer

My age is 40 and since my teenage years, I have been putting sink oxide on my face. I know it sounds somewhat silly, putting diaper rash cream on my face daily (twice: morning + at night), but it is the only cream what feels good and does well to my facial skin. Any danger to it?

Years ago my mother used to get a Rx for zinc oxide and 5% salicylic acid?

Posted 23 Jul 2017 by bfagin 0 answers

It was used for blemishes, ext. What is your opinion on this combination if I can have it compounded by a pharmacy?

What type of bug did I get bit by? Is it a Brown Recluse?

Posted 2 Oct 2015 1 answer

I was bitten by something that looks similar to a brown recluse spider bite but without the symptoms. The only thing is that the wound continues to grow as time goes on. I have had the wound for about a week and it doesn't seem to heal. Not sure what I should do at this point. When I initially ...

Granul-Derm - anyone have info on what to use on blisters on lower legs--shin area & ankles?

Posted 7 May 2011 by grammyjohn 2 answers

health conditions--diabetic, obese, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, neurapathy--- help! what meds can I use for lower leg blisters, they are clear blisters that ooze & sometimes bleed--have used TBC spray--right now I have a really deep blister on shin bone--problem trying to stop ...

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