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Deodorant Questions

We found 8 questions associated with the 'Deodorant' topic.

I just took my first 250 mg. Can I still eat pickles? What ingredient am I looking for in my foods?

Posted 29 Dec 2017 by Ojaivalleygirl 1 answer

Also what ingredient in my toiletries am I looking for? Can I wear pure Purfume? What is in soaps and deodorants and lotions?

Drysol - How long does it take to start working?

Posted 6 Sep 2017 by WreckyBeckysMom 1 answer

My 16 year old started using it August 24. She has smelled like armpit for 10 years, at least... and it hasn't changed with any deodorant so far, including this one. Now what? She drives me nuts with it telling me all evening long, every night she smells sweaty. I just sent her to her room, ...

Estradiol Patch - Intense underarm odor?

Posted 21 Aug 2017 by deldeb 0 answers

I started using the Mylan estradiol 0.025mg twice a week in late June. I have always sweated, but this is unreal. I have used every antiperspirant/deodorant I can get, sometimes reapplying during the day and cannot get relief. I checked with my health care provider and she said she had never in her ...

Since drysol can't be used with deodorant, how do you avoid smelly armpits?

Posted 21 Nov 2015 by PitBoss 1 answer

I apply drysol before bedtime as instructed. After my morning shower I get dressed (skipping deodorant) and go. By the end of the day my armpits smell horrible. Any suggestions?

So after I use Drysol at night on my arm pits in the morning do I apply deodorant or not?

Posted 1 Nov 2016 by michaeloconnor 0 answers

Do I apply Drysol in the morning to keep me from sweating during the day?

Drysol - Do you still need to wear deodorant?

Posted 28 Apr 2016 by Scarbreaux 1 answer

Defective cans of Sure 6 oz. spray deodorant?

Posted 20 Jun 2015 by shutterman 1 answer

Have used Sure Deodorant for many years. Have difficulty finding it in stores. I order it by the case from my pharmacy. This last case of (12) bottles were all defective. We would have to turn them upside down to get spray. I have just ordered more but what if they are also bad? What can I do? ...

Is it good to use driclor deodorant for pregnant women?thank you?

Posted 7 Nov 2014 by dindin12 1 answer

can i use driclor deodorant even though i am pregnant?

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