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Can I give Mucinex and delsym together?

Posted 19 Dec 2013 by Traichelle 1 answer

Can I take liquid mucinex along with delsym?

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by EKL81 2 answers

I have been taking the liquid mucinex (the one for cold, flu, and sore throat) for several days, and while it does seem to help with the congestion, it does next to nothing for my cough. Can I take delsym while I'm taking mucinex?

Does delsym contain alcohol?

Posted 4 Feb 2015 by Felicity123 2 answers

i am a recovered alcoholic and looking for cough medicine that DOES NOT include alcohol.

Cough - can I take benadryl and delsym?

Posted 12 Nov 2009 by paulie1 1 answer

Delsym 12 Hour Cough Relief - Cani give a small dose of this med to my 5 1/2 year old,I'm desperate?

Posted 25 Aug 2013 by RainbowFox 1 answer

... here?I don't have any other cough syrup in the house and want to know if my 51/2 year old, she weighs 40 lbs can take a 1/2 or 1/4 teaspoon of this medication

Is delsym and mucinex the same thing???

Posted 14 Jan 2015 by Mylove339 1 answer

Side Effect - Will I get high if I drink a 4oz bottle of Delsym night time cold and cough?

Posted 10 Feb 2012 by ohmyjamie 3 answers

the active ingredients are diphenhydramine & phenylephrine

Can you take Delsym if you take Zoloft?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by Gomez597 1 answer

Can I give Delsym and benzonatate to my 12year old?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by akarshner3 1 answer

She has had a persistant hacking cough for a month

Has delsym been known to cause diarrhea?

Posted 2 Jan 2010 by reenid 1 answer

Took it at 1:00 am, this morning, 7 am, I have diarrhea. Husband said same happened to him a couple of months ago.

Can delsym be taken with warfin?

Posted 1 Apr 2015 by Sdyann 1 answer

I'm on a blood thinner and would like to know if can take delsym

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