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Can I give Mucinex and delsym together?

Posted 19 Dec 2013 by Traichelle 1 answer

Can I take liquid mucinex along with delsym?

Posted 19 Dec 2012 by EKL81 2 answers

I have been taking the liquid mucinex (the one for cold, flu, and sore throat) for several days, and while it does seem to help with the congestion, it does next to nothing for my cough. Can I take delsym while I'm taking mucinex?

My dog is coughing uncontrollable at times. Took to the vet. Been on antibiotics 5 days so far?

Posted 14 Apr 2018 by Wrnglrgrl 1 answer

Giving delsym for the cough every 4-6 hrs as told by vet. He said tracea was fine he didn't cough when it was pushed on. Heart lunges sounded fine. Don't know what else to do. He has untreated seizures because they are only once or twice a month. I'm terrified he will have a seizure ...

Can I take Delsym with sulfamethoxazole/trimeth?

Posted 25 Jan 2018 by jmelberg 1 answer

What other medicines can I take to help with a cough?

Posted 28 Oct 2017 by turtlefan 2 answers

I have had a cough for a few days now, and have been using Delsym as directed, but it has not helped. I might also am starting to come down with a cold. I do not know if it would be better to take Dayqyill/Niquill or to look for a different medicine to help my couch. I do not want to take cold ...

Delsym 12 Hour Cough Relief - How much Delsym should I give my son that weighs 70 pounds?

Posted 19 Aug 2017 by Jayman_43138 1 answer

How much should I give my 6 year old son that weighs 70 pounds lbs for Delsym 24 hour cough and decongestant DM?

Can I give Delsym and benzonatate to my 12year old?

Posted 4 Feb 2017 by akarshner3 1 answer

She has had a persistant hacking cough for a month

Can you take Delsym if you take Zoloft?

Posted 9 Oct 2016 by Gomez597 1 answer

Hi.. I accidentally gave my daughter 4 years old 42 pounds 5ml of Delsym instead of 2.5. Will she b?

Posted 30 Apr 2016 by Tay1 1 answer

Hi.. I accidentally gave my daughter 4 years old 42 pounds 5ml of Delsym instead of 2.5. Will she be ok?

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