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DDAVP Questions

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Does Desmopressin affect blood pressure?

Posted 7 Feb 2013 by AnneCir 2 answers

Taking DDAVP through rhinal tube for "possible" diabetes insipidus... I void way more urine (2 to 3x as much) than I drink fluids/eat watery foods, and void frequently (also under treatment for OAB). DDAVP slows down the frequency/volume but after a few days on it, my blood pressure ...

Diabetes Insipidus - How often do you use the DDAVP spray to control voiding. And how many sprays?

Posted 3 Feb 2010 by alicebess 3 answers

... do you use. I have never been able to get on a schedule and have to deal the problem of low sodium occuring which is very troublesome. thank you

Does anyone have a bad reaction with desmopressin or DDAVP?

Posted 2 May 2012 by Jenrae 1 answer

I am trying to take desmopressin or DDAVP, for Diabetes Insipidus. Only on half recomended dose,as I cannot take the full dose,but I also take gliclazide for sugar diabetes. I have had a bad reaction in my joints and muscles, has any one else had this, I take BP meds and meds for joint probs.

Diabetes Insipidus - yes my insurance will no longer pay for DDAVP spray and cannot go off the drug?

Posted 19 Dec 2013 by kathy mattei 2 answers

... and need help cannot afford to pay for drug and I am disabled and on a fixed income and have been asking for help and so far no luck can you tell me who can help me to defray the cost of this pricey medication? I get no answers at all or no help at all and I need the medicine or my kidneys will ...

Desmopressin - Anyone experience Migraines while on DDAVP?

Posted 18 Oct 2014 by pancke 1 answer

I've been on this pill for over 10 years, and I didn't at first get migraines. But now I get them so bad! This pill says it can cause headaches. So I was wondering does anyone else get migraines or bad headaches? Also, does anyone else have sensitivity to light or smells?

Switched from nasal spray to pill form of desmopressin, is it comparable?

Posted 4 Aug 2016 by Jhawk52 2 answers

Been on nasal spray, .01%, for 27 years with no problems & was prescribed pill form of 0.2 and told to split them in half, take one at night. My question is will a half pill give me 24 hrs protection, when I previously took one spray twice a day. The pills don't come in lighter dosage, am ...

Diabetes Insipidus - I am 54 years old and have had DI since 1988. My diagnosis is idiopathic. I?

Posted 24 Sep 2017 by Iowact 2 answers

... was taking DDAVP nasal spray (10mcg) 2-3 times per day and managing very well!! This past August I was feeling terrible and had blood work done which indicated a dangerously low sodium level (113) which sent me to the ER and 5 day hospital stay! Drs believe I was taking too much DDAVP which ...

My grandson takes DDAVP for Diabetes Insipidus and we are having trouble paying - any suggestions?

Posted 30 Aug 2010 by charlenj64 1 answer

We live in Fort Worth Texas. We are having a hard time finding the medicine as the pills or spray do not work for him. We need help as the where we can get this medicine. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Can you get hoarse voice from taking?

Posted 16 Jan 2015 by p0o9i8u7 1 answer

over active medicine such as Desmopressin (DDAVP) or oxybutynin???

In what way does ddavpp cause weight gain?

Posted 25 Nov 2009 by corkysean 1 answer

Antihemophilic Factor/Von Willebrand Factor - Hello I was hoping I would get some help my 6 year old

Posted 10 Dec 2009 by gottabug 1 answer

... son has Von willebrants and is having surgery they are going to be giving him ddavp does anyone know or known anyone who has had this and can you help me please

Can I lose wieght while on DDAVP?

Posted 28 Sep 2010 by babsfox495 1 answer

I have been on DDAVP since 2004. I recently changed over to the tablet form. It is much more convenient to carry with me, but I have found that I have trouble having regular bowel movements and also I am having trouble losing wieght. How can I lose the water wieght while still staying hydrated on ...

DDAVP - Is there danger in prolonged use of this drug? My 14 year old son has been taking it orally?

Posted 2 Oct 2010 by BLuxon 1 answer

... for 2 months for bedwetting and I'm wondering how long he should take it

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