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Dapsone Questions

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I was prescribed dapsone for granuloma annulare. How long does it take before you see any kind of?

Posted 26 Dec 2017 by Gorgeousannie 0 answers

... result as to the rash disappearing or even fading. My rash is still progressing and I want to discontinue the prescription due to the side effects. I was told that I should see some improvement within 30 days and that is not the case.

Dapsone for rituximab induced pneumonia?

Posted 6 Jun 2016 by bienestaros 0 answers

My rheumatologist prescribed dapsone to prevent against a specific type of pneumonia which patients taking rituximab can be subject to. However, on the patient prescription information the pharmacy included with the medication and on the internet, nothing is mentioned of the use dapsone for which ...

Will dapsone have any effects on diabetes?

Posted 5 Mar 2016 by lvferr 0 answers

Dapsone and bruising?

Posted 13 Jun 2015 by Steven Leigh 1 answer

I started taking Dapsone (50mg a day) 3 weeks ago and noticed today a dark red bruise, almost like a blood blister but not full of blood mainly the same color. And a small cut that didn't stop bleeding as soon as I thought it should have. How worried should I be?

Has anyone had extreme hair loss while taking dapsone? Is the hair loss reversible?

Posted 24 Oct 2014 by Shirlglen 1 answer

I am having many side effects while taking dapsone. As a female hair loss has been extreme. Will my hair come back if I stop dapsone?

Can I use Dapsone on my dog in small dosages?

Posted 4 Aug 2013 by kdogg71 1 answer

Has anyone experienced extreme dry mouth or burning mouth syndrome while on Dapsone?

Posted 5 Jan 2013 by Phat Gwamma 1 answer

I've been on Dapsone since August... in October started with an excessive dry mouth... it has progressed to burning mouth, tongue & lips

Dermatitis herpetiformis - taking Dapsone & prednisone, rash went away and now back, what now?

Posted 2 Sep 2011 by tmorsi 1 answer

I'm taking dapsone DH. I was on prednesone for 3 weeks. The rash went away... now it's coming back. I have been on a GFD for 1 month. Now what?

Is it worth treating my non-painful leucocytoclastis vasculitis with Dapsone which has toxicity?

Posted 9 Jun 2011 by sajna 1 answer

I am an Indian 40-year old woman living in South Africa. Has 3 children. I started getting red rashes on my lower limbs 4 years back. Tried all kinds of medication. No pain, no itchiness. But slight increase of rash towards the feet. I got black patches near these red rashes after taking ...

My doctor prescribed dapsone for my eyes. how can this be helpful ?

Posted 5 Sep 2011 by joanr 1 answer

I am 90 years old with congestive heart failure. I have had diaherra for 2 years can dapsone be causing this?

Are my side effects caused by Dapsone & Bactrim?

Posted 30 Apr 2010 by Ava Marie 1 answer

Last month I had a severe urinary tract Infection (bladder, kidney). My Doctor at VA medical center prescribed 2 antibiotics. I told also told them I am allergic to Bactrim. Within a week I developed a very painful yeast infection. Then I was treated with Flucosinol (antifugal) which cleared it up. ...

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